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ActionAid's Campaign Signature

No description

Tom Allen

on 8 August 2014

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Transcript of ActionAid's Campaign Signature

Campaign Signature

Greenpeace consistently use:
The Rainbow Warrior
On issues relating to the environment
Amnesty International consistently use:
Letter (or email)-writing and petitioning
On issues relating to human rights
Cambodian Activistas get involved with Safe Cities
Rural women in Nepal post to Twitter from their phones
Je Nan Je people's movement in Haiti
Our campaign signature:
What's been the process to reach our signature?
Late nights in Johannesburg
Key elements:
Global South
We think it’s vital to represent or at least imply with the signature that people living in poverty are:
Represented at the core of the campaign.
Visibly involved as groups mobilising for the campaign.
Visually represented throughout the campaign materials.
Spokespeople and have their voices amplified by the campaigning.
Campaign Communications
Key elements:
Global North and non-LRP
People acting / campaigning in solidarity with the people living in poverty are:
Connected, and support between groups is shown as part of the campaigning wherever possible unifying Global North and South work.
Campaign communications place the voices of people we’re working with at the center of all materials produced for the campaign, from reports to press releases, from social media to posters.
What is a
Campaign Signature?
A statement of what makes ActionAid’s campaigning distinctive.
A campaign ‘signature’ means the consistent
of campaigning by an organisation.
This look and feel is usually achieved through the consistent use of:
certain tactics or types of actions
an approach to analysis
particular imagery & language
Key elements:
Advocacy approach
The analysis of the problem and advocacy associated with the campaign will:
Look at the local / national / regional linkages, causes and actors.
Look at how it will make progress on women’s rights and will have a feminist analysis.
Involve people living in poverty directly (wherever possible) with both analysis and approach taken to achieve the solution.
“Community-led campaigning with women and marginalised people for their rights”
We first discussed the options at the March Heads of Programmes meeting in Johannesburg.

It was approved by the Directors Forum in June.
School children in Nigeria join #TaxPaysFor action
Danish supporters show solidarity with oPt
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