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Alexander The Great

No description

Max Stuckey

on 1 June 2010

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Transcript of Alexander The Great

Alexander the Great His father Born: July 20, 356 BCE Conquered over 70 cities Alexander Studied to be a philosopher
Aristotle was his teacher (343 BCE) Taimed Bucephalus At the age of 13 336 BCE Becomes King Because he murdered his family Had 7 or 8 wives Worlds greatest commander the world has ever seen Dreampt that Alexander's mother's
womb was struck by that's how he's related to Zeus Born at Pella, Macedonia Long blond hair straight nose Short Different colour eyes He was smart, strict a homosexual Marries 3 times
Roxane, Stateira, Parysati an alcoholic and a "sex monster" Wanted to conquer The World White Lived to 32 Was feared Was a good tactician and a good government leader His body is in a golden sarcophagus ...he was gay.... ...literally.
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