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The 1920's ranged from the roaring twenties to sinking into the great depression. It was a time of celebration and hardship.

Ellen Dunn

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of 1920's

Double click anywhere & add an idea 1920's The 1920's was filled with a variety of things ranging from the roaring twenties to the great depression. People celebrated youth and had wild parties. The country sank into debt. Support the 1920's!!! Important People Nellie Tayloe Ross was first elected woman for the US. She served as governer of Wyoming. She was born in 1976 and graduated from Milton High and attended college to become a kindergarten teacher. Her life was scarred: her farm burnt down, her two brothers and sister died, her fourth baby was smothered and died, her husband died in office and she had to take over. Big Inventions The 1920's had some great inventions. Q-tips and band-aids aided doctors. Planes and automobiles helped transportation. Traffic lights and saving Niagra falls, the 1920's was certainly interesting. Roaring twenties The roaring twenties was a time to celebrate. People celebrated youth and cherished ideas and customs. Soldiers returned home from the war and the stock market was good. It was the last really happy time in american history before the great depression. Clothing There were a lot of fashions in the 1920's. Women wore tight skirts and fashioned their hair into bobs and less formal clothing. Men wore looser clothing and wore trousers and suit jackets buttoned up high. Women wore low-brimed, elegant hats while men wore more of a formal hat. Transportation Tranportation in the 1920's was a big change. People started buying more cars because the Ford industry made it cheaper, and the everyday folk had a Model-T or something of the sort. Roads had to be repaved and new ways of directing traffic had to be formed. Art Art in the 1920's was based off of two ideas; Surrealism and Art Deco. Surrealism was more realistic and calms the eye. Art Deco was loud and exciting and used zebra skin and other crazy materials to make it stand out.
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