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Business Blogging for SEO and Social Media

No description

Michael Reynolds

on 9 March 2012

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Transcript of Business Blogging for SEO and Social Media

Two ways to improve your blog's rankings 1. Utilizing keywords and their known synonyms effectively in your page titles, post titles and content. 2. Writing compelling content that will generate interest from others so that they will reference (i.e. link to) your blog and its content. Tuning your Blog for SEO Blog using long tail keywords “website design” (242,000,000 results) “credit union website design” (6,270,000 results) Utilize HURLs for SEO (HURL = Human-Readable URL) A blog is a PERMISSION CHANNEL and a CONTENT PLATFORM “Do you really expect that the first time we transact, it will involve me giving you money in exchange for a product or service?” - Seth Godin Blogging is MARKETING based on AUTHORITY "What do I blog about?" Blog about conversations Blog about current trends Just don't be this guy... Blogging for Business @michaelreynolds
www.spinweb.net Michael Reynolds Blog about your customers Blog about your industry Blog to educate Consider a ghost blogger Structural considerations Properly structured title tag RT attribution 300+ words
1 link every 120 words
Front-loaded keywords in description
Primary keywords in title Long tail keywords get you in front of people... ...who are more likely to be buyers Content must be compelling to maximize distribution Quality content will increase your authority Capture blog ideas offline Write on a schedule Choose topics based on demand and keywords Send out via email Track, tune, optimize Keep content educational and useful Promoting your blog Use HootSuite to schedule social distribution

Gather "comment buddies"

Guest post for other popular blogs Cosmo Headline – “The 22 Best Relationship Tips Ever”

"My 22 Best Design Tips Ever"

Cosmo Headline – “Guys Spill: White Lies They Tell Women All the Time”

"Realtors Revealed: The Little White Lies We Tell Clients (And How to Stop)"

Cosmo Headline – “Get Ahead Faster: 12 Brilliant (and Slightly Badass) Ways to Do It”

"Run Faster: 12 Effective (and Slightly Badass) Ways to Just Do It"

Cosmo Headline – “Your Sexual Health: Crucial New Facts Your Gyno Forgot to Mention”

"Headline Help: Crucial Website Tips Your Designer Forgot to Mention" Lose the publish date (Source: CopyBlogger) The 7 deadly sins of blogging Seflishness "It's all about me!" "Blah blah blah..." Lameness "I'm just like Seth Godin!" Sameness Irrelevance "You don't want to hear about my cat?" Boorishness "Let me tell you about the time..." Source: CopyBlogger "This sounds like a lot of work!" Sloth Impatience "Why didn't my sales go up? I've been blogging for 2 weeks!" http://www.spinweb.net/blogtopics Consultation to create 3 months of blog topics
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