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English 7A Mrs. Zeigler Bully Awareness Project

Jocelyn Paulose

on 15 January 2013

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Ascbuymk9. yu yyum d uyjn gyumd t56 m STOP BULLYING! How Can You Stop Bullying? Jocelyn Paulose Eden Wormer-14-year old girl Many people get bullied! On Staten Island, Relentless Bullying Is Blamed for a Teenage Girl's Suicide 14-year-old's Suicide Puts Spotlight on Online Bullying Dangers Eden Worner was a 14 year old girl
Said " I love you Daddy, goodnight."to her father, Erin Wormer, before hanging herself on Wednesday
Her friends and Audriunna says she was bullied online and in classroom for years
Family thinks that is the reason for committing suicide Felica Garcia-15 year old girl
Felicia never cried-Briana Torres saw her crying in the hallway between classes and walked her to class
Signs of unraveling with twitter message
Went to Staten Island Railway Station-threw herself backward on train tracks
Friend grabbed her arm-twisted free
Friends said-bullied
Tormented by football players
Teased-piercings and lived in foster care
Others said players spread sexual boasts about her over the weekend Felicia Garcia-15 year girl How schools are adapting to the bullying problems Creating bullying programs
Some schools are conducting a no-bullying-policy
They are putting more adult supervision on school grounds
Making consequences for bullying tough
Have an open adult to go to with problems at all times
Create an Anti-Bullying-Atmosphere Ways to Prevent Bullying Educate students to recognize if there is a bullying situation
Encourage the bystanders to become "up standers"
Provide opportunities for students to share feelings, problems, etc.
Make sure there is ALWAYS adult supervision Activities that Students Could do to Prevent Bullying and Promote Tolerance Think before you speak
Treat everyone with respect
Stand up for others
Be a friend to everyone
If you see anyone being bullied report it-HAVE A VOICE
Join cultural groups
Learn more about other people and their lifestyles
Join different clubs Bullying is when someone with superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.
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