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Sept 2 Analytics Meeting

No description

Caitlin Myles

on 8 November 2010

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Transcript of Sept 2 Analytics Meeting

Outputs for the Web Analytics Study Purpose: "... we will examine outcomes related to the dissemination, promotion and engagement with research outputs." Hypothesis: "... by having a better understanding of the impacts of your online activities, you will be better able to learn about what works and what does not work. This process will help you maximise the effects of your activities as they ultimately contribute to IDRC's outcomes." Example of an output RITC report on internship dissemination Goals and Objectives Methods/Activities Results/Data Conclusions What are you trying to achieve through this activity? Both outcome and output levels. RITC Goal: More applications to the RITC internship Objectives: 1. Increased interest in RITC internship webpage

2. Increased interest in the RITC program home page in general What specific dissemination activities are you conducting? Emails sent to various email groups through GLOBAlink website. RITC Messages posted on Facebook pages such as American Cancer Society, Cancer Research UK, etc. Emails sent to several university departments for wider dissemination. What did your site usage look like during and after the campaign? Focus on several aspects of the data During the two weeks after the campaign started: RITC 686 visits to the RITC internship page 172 visits to the RITC home page On average, visitors spent just under 3 minutes on the internship page Visitors came from 77 different countries Volume Scope Engagement About 25% of visitors clicked through to the main IDRC internship page About 10% of visitors clicked through to the RITC home page Did you achieve your goals? Baseline: 45 visits to the RITC home page in 2 weeks) RITC Objective 1: To increase interest in the RITC internship page Objective 2: To increase interest in the RITC home page Goal: To have an increased number of internship applications Success Success Unknown Baseline What did your site usage look like before the campaign? In the two weeks preceding the campaign, the RITC home page received a total of 45 visits. RITC All emails and posts contained tagged URLs, in order to segment the data for this campaign
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