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Cassie Campbell

This slide is a presentation on Cassie Campbell and her acheivements. Cassie Campbell is a great Canadian female hockey player and she has done extrodinary things with her life.

malallay bangash

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Cassie Campbell

Cassie Campbell is a famous female hockey player. She was born November 22, 1973. Now 40 years old and very healthy. Her hometown is Brampton,Ontario though she was born in Richmond Hill,Ontario.
Cassie Campbell won 17 gold medals and 4 silver medals, that is a total of 21 medals! She also won 2 Olympic gold medals in 1998 and in 2002. She's a 6 time World Champion gold medalist.Male or female, Cassie Campbell is the only captain to lead Canada to 2 Olympic gold medals. Cassie Campbell served as captain of Canada's National Women's Team from 2001 to her retirement in 2006, that's 5 years! Which made her the longest serving captain in Canadian hockey history! From 1994 to 1998 Cassie Campbell played as a defenceman with Canada's National Women's Team.

Cassie Campbell played with the Calgary Oval X-Treme from 2001 to 2005, serving as team captain from 2002 to 2005.She won the Western Women's Hockey League Cup in 2005. Cassie Campbell won 2 gold medals with Team Alberta in 2003 and 2001 at the Esso Women's National Championship and a gold medal with the Toronto Aeros in 2000.
Hockey Background
Cassie Campbell is the daughter of Donald and Eunice Campbell. She has two brothers, Jeff and Rick. Her mother, Eunice was also an athlete. She played 9 games as a professional football player in 1969.
Cassie Campbell was the first woman to do color commentating on CBC's Hockey Night In Canada on October 14,2006-Toronto Maple leafs vs. Calgary Flames. She currently works as a TV analyst for TSN's women's hockey coverage and for CBC's Hockey Night In Canada.
Broadcasting Career
Cassie Campbell runs an annual street hockey tournament in Calgary to support the Ronald McDonald House. Along with Bobby Orr and Mike Bossy, Cassie Campbell is a spokesperson and host for Hockey Canada's Chevrolet Safe and Fun Hockey Program. She is a proud supporter of CARE, an organization focusing on working alongside women and girls living in poverty.
Charity Work
Cassie Campbell was a big inspiration to a lot of people and so they made a community center named after her. They built it in her hometown, Brampton,Ontario.
Cassie Campbell Community Center

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed my presentation!

by: Malallay
In conclusion, Cassie Campbell is a famous Canadian female hockey player who sets a good example for kids by doing charity work and following her dreams.
Cassie Campbell
By: Malallay
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