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Sex Education

No description

Anna Beers

on 11 November 2010

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Transcript of Sex Education

Sex Education: An Overview Warm Your Brain Up 91,000 12 yrs old Comprehensive vs. Abstinence Only Demonstration! Sex Education: What about it? "It is unreasonable to expect any single intervention, curriculum, or program to solve the teen pregnancy problem" - National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy Short term! Safety precautions? Sex is a [non-religious] choice Neglecting the FACTS. Ignoring religion! Promoting sex! Enticing teens! Contraception fails! You need values! *THE RESEARCH* For Keeps
(Abstinence-until-marriage) 5 day, 40 minute program
psychological, physical, emotional and economic effects of sexual activity
character development and future planning HIV/STD knowledge
beliefs about abstinence intentions to have sex
intentions to use a condom * No effect on confidence to resist sexual advances or obtain a condom * HIV/STD Intervention
(Comprehensive) More effective in promoting safe sex for teens Increase in condom use Kirby (2009)
[Mixed Effectiveness] * Delay initiation
* Reduce frequency
* Increase condom use
* Increase contraceptive use
* Reduce sexual risk taking 48 comprehensive programs
7 abstinence-only programs Different "problem", Different "solution" Sex Education In Cambodia "Culture of silence around sexuality and reproduction." No school health policy that addresses reproductive health, including sexuality, reproduction, and HIV/AIDS/STI Strengthening HIV/AIDS/STI Prevention Education for Secondary Schools Sex is "taboo" subject to discuss in schools Students and teachers are shy and have limited knowledge Body changes in puberty- 57.4%
Sexual urges and needs- 84.2%
How to avoid pregnancy- 81.6%
Relationships with the other sex- 75.4%
Whether or not to have sex- 84.9%
Unwanted prgnancy/abortion- 84.4%
STI and HIV/AIDS- 59.7%
How to use condoms- 66.2%
Where to get condoms- 74.5% 17 The Netherlands Open "Long Live Love" package "It forced teachers to become more explicit and to discuss norms and values using a participatory apporach." Lowest teen pregnancy rate in Europe No mandatory national curriculum Primary-Sexuality and contraception Secondary- Biology classes "The education system is very much built not only around transmitting knowledge, but giving the skills to apply that knowledge in everyday life. Decision making skills are very important." 85% sexually active young adults use a contraceptive 17 Comprehensive Sex Ed in the 21st Century www.hookinguponline.org text sexinfo to 61827
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