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Sixties Fashion By: Ryan Byrne, Nathan Brenn, Amina Chowdhur

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alexander theoklitos

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Sixties Fashion By: Ryan Byrne, Nathan Brenn, Amina Chowdhur

Hair in 1960- 1965
Pants and bottoms in the early sixties

The popular types of pants were formal pants like kakis for the boys and men, because it was still a formal time. Also, the girls wore skirts and dresses, especially for church on Sundays. Also, the bikini was created in 1963, which obviously is popular, because it is still worn today. Full skirted evening gowns were in style for women, and capri trousers for men.
Examples of 1960's Pants
balloon pants
capri trousers
Shoes in the early 60's
Underscoring the 1960's short skirt came the most varied look in shoes and stockings. In shoes, we saw patents in every conceivable color there was along with color perforations. Red, white, and blue became very popular shades along with groovy designs such as polka dots, floral prints, and leather. Some examples of very popular shoes in the early sixites were; Stiletto- High Heals, Colorful pumps, Tennis Shoes, and Ankle-height black boots that moved up to the knee later in 1966!
Early and Late
Sixties Fashion
Alex Theoklitos
Ryan Byrne
Amina Chowdhury
Nathan Brenn

Funky shoes of the 60's!
Funky Colorful pumps
New and Audacious Stiletto high-heals
Exiting and Fashionable Go-Go Boots
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