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The Gift of the Magi

No description

paige sims

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of The Gift of the Magi

Literary Terms
Thematic Statement
Our thematic statement is, "Sometimes you have to sacrifice things to make others happy."
Real Life connection
One of our group member's friend wanted to go on the Washington D.C. trip last year. so her dad sold his boat to pay for the trip but in the end she ended up not going on the trip. Now her dad has no reason as to why he sold his boat.
The setting of this story is mostly
taken place in their home in the
early 1900's.
The conflict in this story is Della
wants to get her husband,Jim, a
gift for Christmas. But she does
have enough money,so she sells
her hair.
The theme we chose for this story is that sometimes to make others happy you must sacrifice your own happiness.
Point of View
The point of view we chose for this story is
3rd person limited because the narrator only really tells
the feelings of Della.
In the story there is a flashback
when Della had seen the comb in the store window.
Dramatic Irony
The dramatic irony in this story is that we know that Della sold her hair for money to buy Jim a gift for Christmas, but Jim does not know this until he comes home.
Situational Irony
The situational irony in this story is that Della thinks that Jim is going to be upset that she cut her hair off but in reality he is very in shock but tells her she looks beautiful.
Dynamic Character
The dynamic character in this story is Della because she cuts off her hair because she needed money to buy Jim a present.
For example Della sells her hair for money
to buy a gift but in the end the
one thing that she received as a gift just stood
as an example of what she had to sacrifice.
The mood in this story is
regret because Jim was kinda
regretful for Della selling her hair
because now Della will not be able to
comb her long hair with her new comb.
The atmosphere this story sets off is appreciative because Della appreciates the fact that Jim bought her combs. Jim is also appreciating the fact that Della bought him a watch chain.
The hyperbole in this story would be
the fact that she over exaggerated
the fact that she cut off all of her hair
and was overly worried about Jim's


From the text we can infer that Della's
hair is now very short, because of how she was
Della needed money to buy Jim a present. So, she sells her hair
to get him a watch chain. Jim sells his watch to buy her a set of combs that she has been longing for. In the end, they both put away their presents and start to cook their dinner.
external conflict
External Conflict means
a problem the character
has with something else. The
external conflict is character
vs. character.
The Gift of the Magi
By: O. Henry
Caitlyn Sager,Paige Sims, & Kaitlin Cozad
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