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Mr. Stack

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Adulthoood years
The Writing Years
I loved the book The wonderful wizard of Oz. There is something around every corner the unexpected can't be expected, and when you read it you really get to know the charactors and watch their destiny's entertwine.Overall I give it 5 stars.
L.Frank Baum
The Beginning
L. Frank Baum was born into a family of 6 on May 15, 1856 in Chittenango New York.He was the7nth of 9 children.Frank was named Lyman after his uncle but he didn't like the name and went by his middle name Frank. He was a sickly child and daydreamed most of the time. This is where he got most of his idea's from. His childhood was tough because his parents wanted him to be strong and they decided to send him to military school. After 2 years he was able to come back.When he was back happy times were July and Christmas. When he turned 14 he got a cheap printing press from his father and he printed the
Rose Lawn Home Journal
with his brothers. His childhood home { Rose Lawn } is now an abandoned skating rink.
L. Frank Baum met his end on May 5th 1919. This was the result of a stroke. When he died he was going on and off of coma. Before he died he managed to say to his wife " Now we can cross the shifting sands". He was buried in Glendale' s Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery. His last book in the Oz series, Glinda of Oz was published in June 10 1920 a year later than his death.
His end was a big disipointment to many more than just his family.
His adulthood was much easier for him. Although only 5 of the 9 kids including him survived.At the age of 30 his first book was published
The Book of Hambugs
. About the same year he started acting after a while he gave it up and worked as a clerk in his brother's store. In 1880 his father built him a theater. Frank wrote plays, directed,and made songs for the theater. On November 9 1882 he married Maud Gage. On July 1888 they moved to South Dakota where Baum had a Bazzar. He also wrote in the newspaper, had 4 sons there and sang with one of the soon to be populist senetors James Klyne.
His End
In 1891 frank and his family moved to Humboldt Park.
Frank got a job for the Evening Post.In 1897 Baum got a job in a store as a door to door salesman.In 1897 he also wrote and published Mother Gooses Prone.In 1899
with the help of the illustrater W. W. Denslow he published Father Goose his book.In 1900 Baum and Denslow published the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. 2 years later a musical for the Wizard of Oz was created.Frank quickly wrote 7 more books on the charectors in the Wizard of Oz. They were later made into movies and films. Yet Oz remained the favorite.

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