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Life Cycle of A Star

Life Cycle of A Star

Spencer Bolding

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of Life Cycle of A Star

Life Cycle of a Star Life Cycle of a Star Here is A diagram Showing Star Life Cycle This is Bob He is a star! This prezi is a journey through Bob's life! Hope you enjoy! Stage 1 I Remember my days as a stellar nursery! Hope you enjoy The Star Life Cycle Hope you enjoy I was made from clouds of gas and dust Showing The Star Life Star Equal If you didnt understand all that! If you didnt understand any of that.... Before I Was Born… I was just a bunch of gas and dust and then gravity pulled me together and I heated up and started to glow. My Birth… Follow me to the next stage!
Gravity continued to pull me together and my center got hotter and hotter and eventually reached 18 billion degrees Fahrenheit. I was sweating like a pig in mid-summer. Then fusion occurred and I gave off a lot of energy, which made me really shine. My cloud of dust and gas were blown away and the whole world could see my shining light
I was actually born in a family with brothers and sisters called star clusters. Sadly some of my smaller brothers and sisters dissolved and are no longer part of my family. Growing Up… For awhile I sit peacefully and watched the beautiful space. I learned that the Sun is one of my relatives. She is really old - almost five billion years – and she’s going to live for another five billion years. I also learned that how long I will live depends on how fat I am. Fat stars have a lot of gravity, which makes their centers really hot and they burn up fast. The fattest stars last only a few million years, but I’m a skinny star, a dwarf, so I think I will live a LONG time. It scares me to think about getting old, but eventually I will run low on fuel and I’ll collapse on the inside and swell up on the outside. As I cool off on the outside, I’ll turn a red color. When this happens, scientists might call me a red giant. Getting Older… Since I am a skinny star, when I get older, I can’t energy from my center, and I my outer layers come off and die. Believe it or not, this is when I look the prettiest in the sky. My Sad Sad Sad Sad Death… I get so heavy that I collapse until my center is like a solid. The sun will collapse to be about twice the size of Earth, but me, I’m hoping to be as big as Jupiter. Us dying stars look white and scientists like to call us white dwarfs by astronomers. My Graveyard… When I finally die, I leave a corpse. I cool down and fade away until I am black as space. Scientists call me a black dwarf. A Cosmic Thought… Hey – did you know that you might be related to me? You are made of stardust too! A few words from the creator! Hi! I,m Spencer! I hope that you enjoyed and learned something! I would like to dedicate this prezi to Mrs.Tesfai! If she wasnt here this prezi would be white and say, like all new prezis do, "click to add idea." But thanks to her I have an amazing prezi! This is Bob He is a star! This prezi is a journey
through Bob's life! Hope you enjoy! Stage 2 Showing The Star Life Cycle Showing The Star Life Cycle
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