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Malcom X

No description

Ishmael Tucker

on 28 February 2017

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Transcript of Malcom X

Who was Malcolm X's family
He had a wife named Betty Shabazz.He also has four daughters named Qubilah, Llyasah, Attallan and Malikah Shabazz.
Malcolm X's family
Betty Shabazz worked at Medgar Evers in brooklyn when her daughtars were old enough to stay home alone.
Malcolm X
What is Malcolm X famous for?
Malcolm X is famous for calming people down during the civil right problem in America.
This is a quote from Malcolm X
Who is Malcolm X
Malcolm X is a African Minister that is muslim and talks about human rights.
Thank you for watching.
Poor Malcolm X.
When Malcolm X died a lot of people were sad and went to his funral.
Malcolm X was a GREAT person during the Civil Rights time. making a different view to the Civil Rights momement, Malcolm X cheered for that of a detached black community (rather than getting the information) and the use of fighting in self defense (rather than non-fighting).
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