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Let`s Prezi in Japan

No description

jinsu an

on 2 August 2016

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Transcript of Let`s Prezi in Japan

prezi Hey, Let`s
Prezi !! Who will spread
our idea in Japan? We don`t have
him yet! me!! WHO ARE YOU?! Nationality : Age : Name : 29 Jinsu An South Korea Visa : Spouse Visa Tokyo, Japan Language : Education : English, Japanese, Korean Bachelor of Science, Business Administration,
Wonkwang University, Korea World Festival volunteer experience Art Festival, Ireland (2008) Iceland Airwaves, Iceland (2008) Art Festival, Ireland (2009) Kumano Shrine Festival, Japan (2012) Mud Festival, Korea (2011) Volvo Ocean Race, Ireland (2009) lecturer, Tourism College, Peru (2009) Volunteer experience City Garden designer, Iceland (2009) Work experience Korean Broadcast Institute(2008), PR manegement Club Med(2011), Concierge mR International Preschool(2012), Teacher Samsung(2006), Corporate sales Passionate! so? Are you ready? YES, I`m ready Sociable! Leadership! Mission accomplished!! Experience the World -
the first step of
my life time project!!
and... The second step
will be starting
soon... ? Unique! Zoom in, Japan Residential Address Prezi has become
popular in Korea! I will make the best
use of being Korean
who live in Japan zoom in zoom out again :) Energetic!! Employee of
the month (...for now) with Prezi!
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