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The Printbrush

No description

Miesha Dennis

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of The Printbrush

The Printbrush
By: Miesha Dennis
4th Block

The Printbrush Description
Print brush can easily fit in a laptop bag and prints on any surface. The print brush was worked on for a decade. Version with built in camera was later made. Gadget is hand held and weighs 8.8 ounces.
Benefits of The Printbrush
The Print is a small hand held device that anyone can use. It doesn't take up lots of space and doesn't need a lot of ink and paper it saves money and time.
Print Brush availability/Development&Cost.
The print brush created by Alex Breton was developed in 2000. It took 10 years before the product was finalized without glitches or problems. It took another year for the product to get its first demo. To make the print brush it took $10 million dollars .The product will soon available and the estimate cost will probably be around $149 to purchase.
How it works?
The Print Brush uses injects, computer-mouse-like optics and navigation software to print uploaded images and text on any flat surface. As the user slides the print brush across a sheet of paper optical sensors track the velocity and direction of the printer relative to the page a controller matches hte location coordinates to a pixel map of the document or image and runs algorithms to predict which pixel to print next.
Summary of Print Brush

The print brush overall is a simple printer. It took over a decade to produce and cost millions of dollars to make,but when the product is released it will be worth it because you will have a product that is easy to use and to afford without the hassle and fuss.
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