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New Century Wellness Group

No description

hamda Alkaabi

on 26 June 2016

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Transcript of New Century Wellness Group

Capstone Case Study :
New Century Wellness Group

According to the American Medical Association’s Current Procedure Terminology
New Century Wellness Group offers a holistic approach to healthcare with an emphasis on preventive medicine as well as traditional medical care. In our role as an IT consultants, we will help New Century develop a new information system.

In our meeting with Dr. Jones and Anita, we emphasized that IT projects are more successful when the users feel ownership,and when they are contributing to the development process. In our view, to develop the new system, joint application development would be the perfect method. Our next task is to form JAD team and conduct the requirements modelling process.

New Century asked us to perform a preliminary investigation for a new business support system.
We had many meetings with Dr. Jones
to discuss office records and
accounting systems.
- We are ready to develop a system
requirements model.
- We suggested an
integrated system

- Analysis of four key areas: patient scheduling, billing and accounts
receivable, human resources,
and payroll.

- Dr. Jones and the partners are interested in a medical practice support system and expanding the business support system.

- Medical practice support should be a separate system for there long-term strategic plans.

- Medical practice support should be a separate system for there long-term strategic plans.

Review the organization chart you
prepared in Chapter 1 and determine
who should be on the JAD team, and
why. Also, how will you create a sense
of team ownership from the start?
In the organizational chart that we have developed previously, we named several team members whom would also be included in the JAD team. As the owners of the clinic, Dr Jones and Dr Garcia must be included in the JAD team, as any decision must pass through them. As the present office manager and the only person who has been in the clinic since it’s beginning, Anita Davenport must be included in the team; she manages the clinic making her suitable to manage the staff in the team. Susan Gifford holds the patients records, making her perfect to include in the team.
You may be given a standard set of
interview summaries, or you may
conduct role-play interviews.
Either way, use the information
to complete Tasks 3 and 4.

Fred Brown (Human Resources and employee benefits)
Corinne Summers (Pay roll, tax reporting, and profit distribution)
Fred and corinne are working more with the employees more that the patient so Doctor Garcia&Jones decided to set a separate meeting with them instead of creating a new system.
Develop a checklist that includes
several requirements for system output,
input, process, performance,
and control.

System input:
We will include the client’s personal details (before the appointment).
We will include also, the client’s history.
System process:
Medication checking.
System output:
Payment record/insurance statement.
Client medical history.
System performance:
Operational system provided during the clinic hours.
Quickly information provided by the system.

Design a questionnaire to learn how New Century patients feel about insurance procedures and appointment scheduling. Your questionnaire should be designed for a sample group of patients, and should follow the suggestions in this chapter. After you complete the questionnaire, select a sampling method and explain your choice.
Instructor: Munir
Daily appointment list which must
show all scheduled appointment
Daily report call list
Weekly provider report that lists each of the providers and the weekly charges generated
Monthly patient statement
Weekly Insurance Company Report.
Monthly Claim Status Summary.
Capstone Case Study :
New Century Wellness Group
Prepare a context diagram for New Century’s information system.

Prepare a list of data stores and data
flows needed for the system. Under each
data store,list the data elements
Patient medical history

Gives information 
Opens new file update 
Submit information
Update medical history
Make payment
Provided with information
Accept/ reject claim
Payment claim 
Process payment 
Data flows:
Data stores:
Data elements required:
Patient medical history:
Patient ID
Patient name
Patient age
Patient health records
Patient surgeries 
Patient medicine taken
at current time. 
Prepare a data dictionary entry and
process description for one
of the system’s functional primitives.
7 digits code
The new system must be able to handle the new ICD-10 procedure coding system, which will be required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
25 California health insurance providerse Terminology
Significant cost saving
Online services
Group members
Fatima Essa 20130667
Mouza Salem 201230555
Hamda Ahmad 201301370
Maryam Jaber 201214110

Prepare a diagram 0 DFD for New Century

At the end we conclude that a system requirement is a feature that satisfies the business and makes the work easy on the users. More over, when you a have a system that serves a lot of customers and it is created to improve serving them it is very important to ask the clients them selves about what they want or what they like or wish to change. So what we did is we chose randomly patents and asked them to answer our questionnaire. The questionary was based on how to improve customer satisfaction in two important fields, Appointment scheduling and insurance procedures. Because the most important part in any organisation is making your customers happy.
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