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Ice maiden project

project by: Quinn Butterfield, Cam Beattie, and Eros Bouley-Swedo

Cameron Beattie

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Ice maiden project

Ice maiden Project. Ice Maiden Juanita (also known as "The Ice Maiden") was discovered on the top of Mount Ampato near Arequipa, Peru, on September 8,1995 by Johan Reinhard and his assistant, Miguel Zarate. she died about 500 years ago. Question 1: Question 5 Question 2 Where was the mummy found?
How old is the Ice maiden currently The facts other archeologists have concluded about the Ice Maiden’s life and death are that she was 14 years old and was dressed nicely along with the others when she was sacrificed to the Gods. She died painfully yet they are unsure whether quickly or slowly. what do we know about this mummy age,
gender, religion, cause of death? explain how
scientists know this information. What other facts have archeologists concluded about this person's life or death? Question 6 The mummy has revealed that the God’s were extremely important in their society, even important enough to sacrifice their own people in dangerous mountains. Question 3: What has the mummy revealed about its society? We know that the Ice Maiden died when she was 12-14 years old. Her cause of death is because she was sacrificed. She was a girl. Her religion clearly included some types of gods because there were multiple other things that were offered during that time. Scientists believe she was of the Incan Religion. The scientists know this because she was extremely well preserved, also because of modern technology. Describe the artifacts found with the mummy. What did they reveal? Question 4: Physical characteristics or marks on the mummy were a mark on her skull that shows that a club hit her in the head and cracked her skull. She was alive when this happened because the extreme bleeding would not have happened if she had died before. When the club hit her, her brain was moved to one side of her head because it was so strong. Her position of death was kneeling with her head bowed down, which could mean she was either praying or waiting for the blow to happen. Describe physical characteristics or marks on the mummy. What do they reveal? Question 7: what technology was used to study the mummy? Juanita received an advanced CT-scan before she was exhibited at the National Geographic Society. Question 8: describe the roles of the experts who study this mummy. The roles of the archeologists were used to study physical characteristics in order to discover information such as gender and age. They also study other remains to try to piece more of the mummy mystery together. The roles of the radiologists were to use medical examinations (such as x-rays) to figure out more about the ice maiden. The roles of the pathologists were to really help with the laboratory experiments. They studied the results of the experiments which really helped form new hypotheses. The roles of the botanists were probably to study the plant life around her and on her which would help discover different information about her death. The roles of the anthropologists were to probably study the clothing, bags, or other sacrificial items to discover the time zone in which she was in. Question 9 What questions remain unanswered about the Ice madien There really were not any questions that remained unanswered except for possibly having different answers than the ones now. For example, we believe she was killed by a club, but later on we could find out it was not a club but something else. No questions remain unanswered, but there are a few that could be wrong. source: http://sammybro.posterous.com/the-ice-maiden-questions The artifacts found with the mummy were other items that were left as offerings to the gods. There were other children with her, implying that more things were given to the gods besides her. Buried with them were cloth-covered offering bundles, nearly 40 pieces of pottery, decorated wooden utensils, weaving tools, and even a pair of delicately woven sandals. All of these artifacts reveal that the Gods were very important to the Incan Culture. source: http://sammybro.posterous.com/the-ice-maiden-questions source: http://sammybro.posterous.com/the-ice-maiden-questions source: http://sammybro.posterous.com/the-ice-maiden-questions source: http://sammybro.posterous.com/the-ice-maiden-questions sources:
http://sammybro.posterous.com/the-ice-maiden-questions www.mummytombs.com google images prezi.com What questions remain unanswered? source: http://sammybro.posterous.com/the-ice-maiden-questions Presentation By: Cam, Quinn, and Eros.
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