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CTSS CPA 3A3 Denleyng 05

No description

Denley ng

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of CTSS CPA 3A3 Denleyng 05

The Examples of a A.I (Artificial Intelligence)
Ai is a useful new Branch of science,It Has a brain like the human does.Research study shown that the AI focuses on mimicking the human minds. The use of robots in industrail processes An industrial robot is defined as automatically controlled The processors found in Computers and robots Robots and machines can accomplish complicated or enormous projects more precisely than humans can. The benefits of robots and machines The Drawback of computer and robots Certain people, due to lack of funds, may not be able to access important uses of robots Hi Today i am going to show you about computers in everyday life Word processor and graphics were used in the publishing industry A basic type of Word processor A basic type of a Graphic program Computers are also put into used to improved productivity in public services.postal mail sorting is a good example Postal Mail Sorting Computers are also widely used to automate the collection of customer information.For example,when booking online, the customer's information is collected and stored on a computer. Computers used in airport Computers game used in home entertainment Call of duty modern welfare 2 Call of duty black ops
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