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Duties and Responsibilities of American Citizens

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matt hatch

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Duties and Responsibilities of American Citizens

Obey the Law
Participate in Government and Your Community
Be Informed and Vote
Major Responsibilities
Remember that government in this country gets its power from the people. This means that you have a responsibility to make sure the government is working properly. You can do this by contacting elected officials and by voting.

are things that we have to do. If we ignore or forget our duties, we may have to pay a fine or even o to jail.

Major Duties of American Citizens

obey the law
pay taxes
defend the nation
serve in court
attend school
Citizens have many duties. The most important is to obey the law. Laws are rules that help people live together in peace. Laws keep order in society by letting people know which actions are acceptable and which are not. It is important for people to obey teh law so that communities can keep order and protect our health, safety, and property.
The first responsibility of citizens is to be informed and active. Government decisions affect your life. You will have less money to spend if the state legislature decides to raise the sales tax. You will have to get up earlier if the local school board decides to extend the school day. You have a responsibility to know what the government is doing so that you can voice your opinion about these matters.
Citizens are also required to pay taxes. Taxes keep the government running. They allow the federal government to pay its employees, defend the country, and help those in need. Taxes allow state government to run the schools, pave roads, adn hire firefighters. There are different kinds of taxes. The main kinds are income, property, and sales taxes.
What is a Citizen?
What are the duties of American Citizens?
What are American citizens' responsibilities?
How can citizens make their community a better place to live?

Mr Hatch
9th Grade
Civics Class

Duties and Responsibilities of American Citizens
Pay Taxes
Most male citizens aged 18-25 must register with the Selective Services System (SSS). In the case of a war or a major national emergency, the government may draft men from the SSS list. To draft means to call into military service. No draft has happened in this country since 1973 because we have enough volunteers to me our needs.
Defend the Nation
Serve in Court
Another duty is serving in court. The Constitution guarantees any person accused of a crime the right to trial by jury. A jury is a group of citizens who listen to the facts of a case and decide whether the accused person is innocent or guilty. Every adult citizen must be prepared to serve on a jury. An accused person also has the right to call witnesses. If a citizen is called as a witness he or she has a duty to respond.
A community can be neighborhood town, school, workplace, state, country, or event the world. We all play part in making our communities safe and successful. We all have responsibilities.

Responsibilities are things we should do. They are obligations we meet of our own free will. No law requires us to meet our responsibilities.
Respect the Rights and Property of Others
Society runs smoothly when people respect one another's rights and property.

The United States is a nation of many diverse people. Everyone has a right to his or her own opinions and beliefs. For all these different people to get along, citizens must respect and accept others. This is called
be informed and vote
participate in government and your community
respect the rights and property of others
respect different opinions and ways of life
Being Involved
Good citizens care about the welfare of others.
includes people's health, wealth, and happiness One way to help others is to volunteer. Volunteering makes our communities better place to live. It also helps us learn useful skills.

Giving your time and services to others without expecting payment is called
Being Involved
Government Agency

Corporation for National
and Community Service


Senior Corps

Learn and Serve America
provides money, training, and other help for volunteer groups
manages AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, Learn and Serve America

provides work in education, public safety, health, and the environment.
gives members money to pay for college in return for a year of service

provides Americans aged 55 or older a chance to help their communities by serving as foster grandparents, assisting the disabled, and more

promotes service learning in schools by linking community service with classroom work
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