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Chocolate Bunnies!

No description

Aspyn Bailey

on 5 April 2012

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Transcript of Chocolate Bunnies!

Chocolate Bunnies! ... small Sub-Topics Where the Chocolate
Bunny Came From The Modern-Day
Chocolate Bunny How It Has Changed
Over the Years Let's start from the beginning... 1950's - 2012 1800's -1949 1700's 1400's 500 (AD) Medeival Times 500-1450 AD Why Did I Choose This? Although Europe made the first chocolate bunny, Germany was already making bunny-shaped goods. It is not known for sure which place made the very first chocolate bunny. Although the most common answers are Europe, Germany, and Spain. Where Did the Chocolate
Bunny Come From? Most historians believe that Europe
made the first chocolate bunny
-Europe has
considered the
rabbit a sacred
animal for
thousands of
years. -Since they think that the first ones were made around Easter, which is in Spring, they thought that was more evidence that it started in Europe because the bunny was a symbol of spring in Europe for centuries. 40 Days of Fasting Or Lent These are both religious events that happen right before Easter! During both of these you only drink water. This is greatly debated because some people only have veggetables during this. Sooo what does this
have to do with the
chocolate bunny?! Well, they ate rich food LIKE CHOCOLATE after the fasting. So they predicted that they made it around that time. And since Easter is right after fasting... The chocolate bunny got very popular!.. And was eaten during Spring even after fasting wasn't being performed as much. Modern Day 1500's 1600's How It's Made The Modern Day
Chocolate Bunny Sub-Topic Fun Fact #1 76% of Americans say they
eat the ears first. Easter is a major candy-selling season. In fact, it even passes the candy-selling season on Valentines day AND Halloween. 1. Christmas 2. Easter 3. Halloween 4. Valentines Day Over 90 million chocolate
are sold each year in the
U.S alone. Other Fun Facts: 82% of Americans say they would rather get a chocolate bunny than a real one. 76% of children like to eat their chocolate bunny first on Easter. Around the year 2000, large Easter candy making companies make about 5 MILLION bunnies& Marshmellow chicks in preporation for Easter EVERY DAY! How has it changed in the last 1,500 years? Medievel Times
Bunny Modern Day Bunny Medievel Modern -Plain -Details -Cost less $$$$ -Cost more $$$$ -Little to no decoration -A lot of decoration -A lot of packaging -Little to no
packaging (closest) How do they make it? http://vimeo.com/24929042 Commonly Unknown
Words Historian- An expert on a certain topic that involves history. Jousting- A medievel sport in which knights fight on horses with lances. Medievel- Another word for the middle ages. Any Guesses?
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