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Nothing is a Permanent Obstacle to Success

No description

Hang Tran

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Nothing is a Permanent Obstacle to Success

Going to college
50% Wanna hear some music? :D Learning a language is not just about the language itself. But it is also about the new culture As we all know,
China and America are 2 powerful nations... ...that lie on 2 different continents. And of course, the huge
distance between them has established a... between their
cultures. Here we go.. As we all know, America and China are 2 powerful countries... Wanna hear some music? :D Have you ever tried to start a conversation with Chinese students (just came from China) at school? o.O Every time an Americanized student and an original Chinese student start a conversation, they would most likely to find themselves falling into an awkward moment of confusion and misunderstanding. Like: . . whatt?" " . When one of them did not know what to say and decided to be silent, the other one would think he/she is so...cocky. Then, silence and glance are all they would do the next time they pass each other on the hallway... “To be honest, the only time that I talked to them is to ask them about homework (The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan).” Apparently, that’s how the friendship between an Americanized student and a Chinese student would end up like... However, there are not that many students who bother to find out the truth behind this segregation. Here we go! And today, the purpose of doing this project is to reveal the reasons why Americanized students and Chinese students build the wall between them through the differences between their parental influences, their living environments and their goals in lives. What Does Career Success Mean? >:) Happiness
Joy 7 Students 3 Students And I suppose this is the tree of Surveys... According to the New York Times, “Education seems to be in America the only commodity of which the customer tries to get as little as he can for his money,” Max Forman says, “The whole object of education is...to develop the mind. The mind should be a thing that works.” Yes, it is true. American parents and teachers want students to learn so they would know the world outside better.
Therefore, American students are given almost full freedom to choose their fates. The purpose of going to school, on American side, is to help students discovering what they want to be in the future, not how they can make a lot of money when they grow up. On the other hand, getting good grades at school and making lots of money in the future are seen as pride and honor in every Chinese family. What Is The Meaning of Self-efficacy? 6 students Check their abilities in handling things 3 students To have freedom 1 student To be in danger Going to UC
50% Going to work
20% Traveling
20% Moving to
another place
20% What Are You Planning To Do
After Graduation? Hi!
What's up? At this point of time what college major are you considering? Air stewardess 2students Football player 2 students Basketball player 1 student Psychologist 2 students Fashion desinger 3 students A Chinese student from Shanghai, named Pan Gao, has given her opinion, “My mom chooses what food I can eat, what clothes I can wear, what behaviors I should have, what things I should like, what job I should take and overall, I hate my life, I hate her (Los Angeles Times 2005)”. AMY CHUA: "One of the biggest differences I see between Western and Chinese parents is that Chinese parents assume strength rather than fragility." In Chinese parents' dictionary, there is nothing such as: "I think it's too much work for you" to expect. Instead, their children
would have the favor to
hear this everyday, "It's so
easy, why can't you do it?" "In the Chinese culture, the tiger represents strength and power. Because I'm a Tiger Mother, therefore I have complete authority to interfere her life (Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother)." But, have the Tiger Mom ever cared about her daughter's feeling? As we can see, when Chinese students and American students have different looks toward their lives, they would find themselves too different to be friends.
They cannot understand each other's feeling and thoughts. It is sad that the difference in cultures can actually hinder 2 people from becoming friends. What factors will influence
your choices of careers? Now, let's take a look at some examples in real life. Welcome to the HoUsE oF SiMiLaRiTiEs! Human lives are all
different. "Even 2 people living next to each other might not have the exact same lives (nationaljournal.com)." Though Chinese students and American students are easily compared, they can have their interests in the same things. For examples... They like listening to MuSiC Chinese or American? Doesn't matter. They all love going online in their free time, like this man does. The problem is that they could or they could Not. Got Talents!? And many things more... American students and Chinese students though have different looks toward their lives, they all live for their expectations and determinations. "While American students most likely to focus their lives on their own interests and happiness, Chinese students live for their families and their beloved ones (Maxbook)." And there's not thing bad about it. To
OuR PrEsEnTaTiOn Hope you guys enjoy it :D > My cloudy fellows will introduce a little bit about this presentation... ZZzzz Skill & Capability Talent Personality Passion & Interest Parents' Reference Going to work
25% Applying to Universities/Colleges
40% Moving to another state
20% Going back to their home countries
5% Building a long-lasting friendship between American student and Chinese student is not impossible. It would take both sides more time to induce all the mistreats and confusions to come to understand each other's feeling. "People who've done this need the minds of steel and the hearts full of warm fire (quote from Confucius)," so they would be willing to forgive any mistakes. HATE homework What Are American Students Going To Do After Graduation? Traveling
15% 90% of Chinese parents want their children to focus on making lots of money. "Chinese students don't share things that would help them to stand out from others (Yeran Zhou)." The Most Favorite occupation of Chinese families. max!! Chinese Dad: Son, I support everything you choose to do after graduation except: Son:...thanks Dad. =.= DOCTORS. DETERMINED They never.... ... to reach their goals. ...you are the one that... YOU Even though the distance has created many differences, both American and Chinese students are... DETERMINED to choose their fate. DIRECTION They should not let anything... them from reaching their goals. Because everyone has their own definitions of success and family, they tend to act differently. But keep in mind, whether you choose Traditions+Family OR Personal life. THE ANSWER... IS IN YOUR HANDS! :D THANK YOU ALL FOR WATCHING!!! XD Class, today let me introduce to you guys 2 awesome juniors...XD What can you assume from the surveys above? Yes, it is the variety of choices that American students allow themselves to make. How about Chinese students? Let's continue... Work Cited Page "China Education International Details the First 4 Chinese Cities to Offer Super-ESL." Entertainment Close-up 24 Sept. 2012. Gale Biography In Context. Web. 18 Mar. 2013.
"Chinese student enrollment climbs at Michigan universities." American School & University [Online Exclusive] 9 Mar. 2012. Student Resources in Context. Web. 18 Mar. 2013.
Lafraniere, Sharon. "Failure is not an option: China's annual college entrance exam can make or break young lives." New York Times Upfront 28 Jan. 2013: 14+. Gale Biography In Context. Web. 18 Mar. 2013.
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Rovnick, Naomi. "Behind the Boom in Chinese Students at U.S. Colleges." Nationaljournal.com 13 Nov. 2012. U.S. History In Context. Web. 18 Mar. 2013. Let's see how American students and Chinese students view each other... zzzZZZ )
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