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The Jungle Book

No description

Abigail R

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book
Written By: Rudyard Kipling
Important Characters
Mowgli- mancub
Bagheera- panther
Baloo- big bear
Buldeo- man from village
Gray Brother- wolf
Akela- wolf
Hathi- wild elephant
Shere Khan- tiger
Messua- woman from village
Kaa- rock python
The White Hood- white cobra
(it didn't say his name in the book, they called him the White Hood)
Really Important Characters
Least Important in the Conflicts
Next Important Characters
Minor But Still Important
Inciting Force

Mowgli is brought into the pack by the price of a bull. Shere Khan wants to kill Mowgli.
Rising Actions
1) The monkey people (a.k.a. Bandar Log) kidnap
Mowgli because the Bandar Log always want
attention. Kaa, Baloo, and Bagheera help save Mowgli from the uncivilized Bandar Log.
Mowgli ran to the village and lived there for a while with a kind woman named Messua to get away from Shere Khan who really wants to kill Mowgli.
Until one day...
Also you should read this book because you can learn some of the...
3) Shere Khan waits by the village gates for Mowgli.
4. But with the help of Gray Brother, Akela, and some herd bulls Mowgli overcomes Shere Khan and wants to skin his hide.
Bare Necessities
Thanks to...
Mrs. Bendler:)
Google Images
You Tube
Google Books
Ariela J
Ellie T
5) Akela hops onto Buldeo and holds him down so Mowgli can skin Shere Khan.
6) Buldeo goes and tells the village about how he got away and claimed Mowgli was a sourcerer. The village wants to kill him calling him a jungle demon, wolf's brat, and things like that.
After the "Messua" problem they hear a
"Pheeal!" That means Red Dogs are near and an animal may have gotten attacked by one. They are mean cretures.
Falling Actions
Mowgli overcomes the Red Dogs!!!
(Don't worry. I'll explain. Its kind of long!)
Settings throughout the book:
Mostly takes place in the village and in the jungle.
Protagonist: Mowgli
Antagonist:Shere Khan, village, Buldeo, Bandar Log
7) Mowgli and Kaa are talking and Kaa talks about the cobra. Mowgli and Kaa go and find it in a lost city. They find the cobra called the White Hood for he is a White Cobra. Kaa guards valuable things and when Mowgli sets his eyes on an ankus he wants it. Then Kaa tackles the cobra and the cobra keeps saying, "It is death! It is Death!" They go away.
8) Mowgli goes back and buries the ankus before taking a nap. When he wakes up it is gone. Mowgli goes and gets Bagheera to come and help him track down whoever took it. They find tracks (quite a few). They then find dead men on the ground. It really did mean death.
Buldeo came looking through the Jungle for MOwgli to kill him. When he meets another man he explains he is trying to kill MOwgli

As Mowgli grows up and becomes a
man, he doesn't feel right with himself. He gets angry and upset. He goes on a spring running to make himself feel better. He finds and meets Messua. When he leaves he goes back home and Bagheera tells him that "it" is lying in the bushes.
All in the last chapter
I rate this book

because it is overall a good
book with fun tales, but the author didn't have any cliffhangers. It was a fun story full of amazing events (in which Mowgli was the "superhero"), but the way the author wrote it just wasn't my style and some of the chapters got confusing even when you went back and reread it.
Bandar Log
I liked this passage because Mowgli was very angry at the people but Mowgli didn't come and hunt them with his wolves because he liked Messua. The author wrote that Mowgli called the people "children of men" even though Mowgli was one himself. He despised his own kind.
My mood toward this passage is kindness and anger because of Mowgli's reaction to what happened.
I notice the "fare you well children of men" first.
This part of the book islong and flowing and stays at an even pace. The style is kind of funny because he didn't kill the humans he just made them go away.

In this passage Mowgli was talking to the villagers. The narrater has a limited point of view.
I didn't find any metaphors in this passage.
9) Buldeo came into the Jungle to hunt Mowgli down. As Buldeo was walking in the Jungle he met another man. Mowgli and his friends listen.
10) Mowgli goes and saves Messua and her husband telling them the correct route through the jungle to get to a different town.
11) Mowgli is angry at men and "lets in the jungle on the village" with the help of Hathi and his three sons.
1. Man vs. tiger
(Mowgli vs. Shere Khan)
2. Man vs. monkey
(Mowgli vs. Bandar Log)
3. "thing" vs. man
( Ankus vs. Mowgli)
4. Man vs. men
(Mowgli vs. village)
5. Man vs. "animal"
(Mowgli vs. dhole)
6. Man vs. self
(Mowgli vs. Mowgli)
Third Person Limited
Prezi by: Abbey Ross (a.k.a. me)
Mowgli comes up with a plan!
Ricki ticki tavi
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