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Exploring the Titanic By Robert D.Ballard 61 Pages

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Caroline Jones

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Exploring the Titanic By Robert D.Ballard 61 Pages

By:Caroline Jones
Exploring the Titanic
By Robert D.Ballard
The Author's purpose for writing this book was to show the struggle and hope it took to find the
, because they had very little hope left because they only had days left to finish their expedition, because they covered most of the search zone with the SAR radar, but didn't find any signs except for lifeboats, which were later found again with the Argo.
The Titanic sank April 14, 1912
The Titanic was named unsinkable
No one knew that her first voyage would also be her last
some people on the lifeboats said that it was a symphony of screams then it was silent
Selection Section

Text to self
I love the water and swimming and I love learning new things about the Titanic ever since first heard about it which was a little while ago so I didn't know that much about the topic and Ballard studied the ocean and, was very interested in finding the Titanic.
The End
I chose this topic because I wanted to learn more about the Titanic. I had seen pictures and I wanted to know how they found it because it seemed like an interesting topic to learn about.
I learned new ideas from reading this book. 1st new idea that I learned from reading this book was it was hard work. For example they used up all of their days to be down there because they spend most of their time looking and waiting.
The 2nd thing that I learned was that since he had a dream to find the Titanic he had to have someone believe in him, but at first nobody did it was hope that found the titanic wreckage.
The 3rd thing that I learned was if you work hard for something it will pay off, in the book it said "it was not luck. we earned it." It changed my perception of the topic by showing the struggle that everyone went through to find the Titanic.
Authors Purpose
61 pages
He was a diver and he dreamed of dive to the fabulous ship because it would be the ultimate thrill in underwater exploration.
The first time that he thought it would be possible to find the Titanic was in 1973 was when he was a member of the Alvin team. Alvin is a small three-man submarine. It is officially named after Al Vine, a veteran oceanographer, but unofficially named after Alvin the chipmunk.
Are you interested in learning more about the
Well than this is the
book for you!!
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