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Evaluate Campaigns & Mass Media

No description

Tina Poole

on 30 September 2016

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Transcript of Evaluate Campaigns & Mass Media

Role of Mass Media in Campaigns
Mass Media
When we say mass media, we mean...
Roles of Mass Media in Elections Include...
Identifying Candidates
• Example: Republican candidates will have to poll more than 3% to be on the next debate.
Create political cartoons, editorials, and op-eds
• Example: In 2008 the Washington Post (newspaper) endorsed Barack Obama in an editorial.
Evaluating Media Messages
This is the way most people get information about candidates. But it's not always factual or accurate. So what can you do?
Present Both Sides/Points of View
Emphasize Select Issues
Example: During the presidential debates in 2008, very few questions were about global warming.
• Example: After any debate, CNN asks both a Democrat & Republican to be on TV.
Separate Fact from opinion
Facts = things that can be proven with numbers, stats, etc.
Opinion = things unproven.
Detect Bias
Telling only one side of a story
Evaluate Source
Who wrote or paid for the speech?
Identifying Propaganda
Is this ad supposed to influence public opinion?
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