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No description

sydney pazurik

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of cats

breeds and types
there are 33 breeds
of cats but here are
the most common ones
Maine Coon
known for
its beautiful
they have multi
colored coats
such cute legs!
sleek coat
and chocolate
colored points
spots and stripes
tuxedo cat
known for
there black
and white
turkish vans
known for loving water
norwegian forest cat
known for there huge fluffy coats
Russian blue
known for its blue-gray coat
fluffy and flat face
Birman cat
fluffy white pawed and colored points
Scottish fold
flattened down ears
cats have a wonderful body
they are super flexible and
have the coolest of bodies!
and here are some facts
10% of the cats bones are located in the tail. a cat 24 whiskers on it's face .
female cats tend to be right pawed while males are left pawed. cats are really flexible because they have 52 loosely fitted vertebra.
fun body facts
domestic cats are the only cats that can hold there tail vertically all wild cats hold there tail horizontally or tucked between there legs
cats history came back from 10000 years ago and here are some facts about it
cats making records
one of the largest known litters was from a cat named bluebell she gave birth to 14 kittens
all surviving
in 1952 a Texas tabby named dusty gave birth to 420 kittens before having her last litter at age 18
a cat named puss who lived in 1956 lived to be 36.
a little while ago my cat got poisoned by rat poison so please don't use any kind of poison!
they had to shave her fur to give her blood testing
we had to give her anti vomit pills poison medicine
water ingections and force feed her
these are poisoning to cats
could survive this
could survive this
could survive this
will die
an unknown large
litter was 18 kittens
15 surviving
cats and witch craft
in the middle ages cats were associated
with witch craft and on saint johns day
people from around all of Europe came
to stuff cats in sacks and throw them into
bon fires. on holly days they would throw
them off the church tower.
cats and the egyptians
a long time ago the egyptians had a huge problem with mice eating their food and running around in their homes. Then when cats came they started to get rid of the mice. The egyptians were so happy they gave the cats water and let them chase the mice and that was how the egyptians and cats go their bonds. when their pet cats died they where so sad they would shave their eyebrows! after the cat had died they would wrap it up and put it under a pyramid
the world of cats
cats have tons of senses such as hearing, sniffing, tasting
seeing and more!

cats can rotate their ears in a 180 degree motion so the can here a lot.cats have 32 muscles in the outer ear.
cats hate the smell of citrus fruits because it's too strong.
cats smell 14 times stronger than a human. a cats nose print has a unique pattern like a finger print.
a cats vision is great people think cats can see in the dark but actually the best they can see in is dim light. A lot of cats happen to be odd eyed that means one eye is brown and the other eye is blue, green, orange, yellow.
cats don't have any sweet
glands so they can't taste anything sweet.even if cats can't taste sweet things they still hate bitter things
cats are very sensitive to vibration so they can sense an earth-quake 10-15 minutes before people do. cats like to be petted because it reminds them of there kit hood
videos and funnies
the biggest fan of Simon the cat
my opinion on cats
many people don't like cats but i do i like them a lot more than anything in the world
really.Many cast don't have homes but cats always have a positive side. cats are curious,clever,pretty, and above all friendly.cats are the worlds number one pet but a lot of cats are getting killed and abused and it's really sad. people think cats are mean and horrible but they are great.
cat nip
cat nip is actually a drug for cats but its all natural and it makes cats go crazy.cat nip is also called cat mint because it is in the mint family.
Quiz time!
what did the cats do for the egyptians?
how long did puss live?
can cats see in the dark?
what do cats hate the smell of?
what things are poisoning to cats?
what are Scottish folds known for?
how much breeds are there?
how much whiskers are on a cats face?
how much vertebrae do cats have?
whats a cat with short legs called?
what % of bones are located in the cats tail?
what is one of the things i like about cats?
what is one of the things you like about cats?
bonus quiz!
listen to the next few questions and you get double the chocolate!
how strong
can cats smell?
14 times stronger than humans!
do cats like sweet things?
how long have cats been with humans?
10000 years!
in loving memory
of jasper
he was a great cat and will always have a place in my heart.
comments or questions?
kiki for sitting on the computer!
the end
i eatz more and get cuter
when kittens are a few weeks old they don't have fur are blind and deaf and can't walk they continue to be like this the first 4 weeks. a few weeks later they are able to see walk and hear but can't eat just yet
an ordinary cat adult is 1 year-10 years old and can do any thing cats usually do they can eat food and drink and live with a family though not all cats do, most are homeless. some females have kittens witch they can have 1-5 kittens a litter and 1-3 litters a year. most outdoor adult cats in the day spend their time outside hunting and acting like a wild cat. most indoor cats spend there time sleeping.
when cats are elders 11 years and up they start to get really stiff don't drink as much and don't go outside they pend more time sleeping than ever and hardly eat the don't jump and they spend a lot of time sitting.
the life cycle!
what cats do?
do you ever wonder what cats do in the day? well they spend 80% of the day doing absolutely nothing!eating, drinking, playing and useing the litter box only uses up 4% of the day! cats also spend 2 3rds a day that means a 9 years old cat has only been awake 3 years of their life but we are awake for half of our life!
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