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Literal and Figurative Language

No description

Michelle Fogarty

on 28 December 2013

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Transcript of Literal and Figurative Language

Literal and Figurative Language
I can distinguish Literal and Figurative Language

Introduction to Literal and Figurative Language
Figurative Language says one thing, but means something else.

Sally is nice.
The hungry waves grabbed our sand castles and pulled them into the sea
Please wait for your sister after school.

Literal Language
Literal Language
Means Exactly What it says.
What is literal language?
What is figurative language?
How do I distinguish between literal and figurative language?
His desk was a mess
It was extremely cold outside.
Her teeth are very white.
His desk is a jungle.
Winter had Britain in its icy grip.
Her teeth are pearls

Sally is as sweet as sugar
Literal versus Figurative
You're wasting money.
You are throwing money down the drain.
His hands are big.
His hands are like baseball mitts.
The spicy spaghetti was delicious.
Show what you know!
Write one figurative sentence to describe this picture.
Write one literal sentence to describe this picture.
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