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The Lastling

No description

Mahad Feroz

on 18 April 2014

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Transcript of The Lastling

Significance Of Title
Main Events
Main Character analysis
Character relationships
Points To Discuss
Main Events
Paris gets a bit of satisfaction when she sees her uncle but the very next moment it vanishes away. Franklin has gone insane and is talking at random. He says that everyone had been killed and he and Paris would be killed too; they are the last adventurous Homo sapiens who would die soon. Paris screamed and yelled to bring her uncle in his senses. Franklin says that he has implanted his ideas in Paris and now he would live forever in Paris’ mind and that she was his heir. She remembers of her family and leaves Franklin to run. When they reach back to the edge Paris cries and accuses Tahr of everything they are encountering, but then she realizes that Franklin was always crazy. She doesn't want to be like her uncle anymore. She starts to hate her uncle. Paris and Tahr step down and found yeh-teh was perched on the rock. They hear the mastiff approaching but see that it has been badly injured and is looking for its master, Shikarri, who is hanging from a tree with a “TRAITOR” sign around his neck. They notice that a candle flame in the campsite has gone out, meaning that Franklin has left. Paris and Tahr follow Geng-sun towards her home.
Significance Of Title
By Phillip Gross
'The View From The Edge'

While climbing the mountain Tahr and Paris take a look at the camp-site and find that it had been completely destroyed by the rebels. It also refers to the:
the edge of insanity (Franklin)
the edge of extinction (Geng-sun)
the edge of maturity (Paris and Tahr).
The Lastling
Main Character Analysis
The major character change was seen in Franklin's character who, after even losing, could not accept his defeat and had gone mad. He had now fallen from the edge of intelligence and had gone to the world of insenity.
Character Relationships
Paris gets to know who her Uncle really was. She, once, wanted to be like him but after knowing what he was going to do with the Yeh-teh and what his real intentions were, she changed her mind. Paris, still, could not believe that her uncle could do anything like this.
The Major themes in this Chapter were:
Trust And Betrayal:
Shikarri had betrayed the camp members and had told the rebels about the secret place where the camp had been placed.
As you sow you shall reap:
The camp members had been killed by the rebels in the same way they killed the animals.
Mahad Feroz
VIII- White
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