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Family Guy

No description

William Wray-Lang

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Family Guy

Mode of address
The tone of the show is to enlighten the audience with sarcasm and to mock real life situations and society.
In this episode Peter and Lois show signs of their tone by walking around a mall clothes shopping. During this Peter keeps objectifying stores and mocking moments that have happened in mall in real life. Peter quotes to Lois, 'Okay, well while you do that i'm gonna go and sit uncomfortably next to the piano player.' This scene is intended to mock people who go to the mall and do this.

Family Guy
Family guy was created by Seth McFarlane and has been on the air since 1999. The show is famous for their stereotypical characters and how they perceive the world we live in. Family Guy targets many celebrities for jokes as well as mocking historical events.
The show has been credited and criticized for certain moments in shows where they joke about racism and objectifying certain people.
The clip below is the episode, 'Vestigial Peter' in which Peter becomes a brother to a growth in his shoulder. Throughout the presentation, this episode will be referred to as well as all the screen shots and examples coming from the episode.

Unit 6: Assignment 1 - Family Guy
The genre of family guy is a surreal and animated comedy as the show is animated and they have unreal situations such as the image to the left which shows a person growing out of Peter which is fiction.This is all intended to give a new story and challenge for the family.
The image is also an example of the generic conventions of Family Guy are, unusual narratives, characters, creatures, sound effects and unreal scenes.
The cinematography and mise en scene in this show is also important to the generic conventions as well as the plots, jokes and in whole the animation
The narrative of Family Guy is non linear as the show displays many dreams, imaginative stories and stories inside other stories.
In this episode we see many different stories combine into one. There are around 4 mini stories around 5 minutes each where we see different characters come into the episode.
The structure of Family Guy is to constantly link one story to another as this keeps the episode fresh and people questioning what will happen next. This structure style is similar to The Simpson as both display different stories.
This episode can be an example as the storyline starts off with Lois and Peter getting ready for church, then they go to the mall. Next, the twin comes into the story and him and Peter go on journeys. However, then Peter and the twin fall out but still make a friendship at the end.

There are enigmas in Family Guy which are used to confuse the audience and make them question what will happen next. The structure of family is very much an enigma as the episode always starts off relevant to end but we are unaware of what will happen. Family Guy usually starts the episodes off with non detailed description of what will happen next to keep us, the audience guessing what will come from this.
The image to the left is an example of an enigma as we don't now where the story will continue after the twin has come back with Peter. The other family member don't know how to react which will make the audience wonder what will happen next.
Family guy is a representation of an average american family and their day to day struggles.
However this family are more interesting as they encounter many obstacles during their life with their talking dog Brian.
Each member of the family is a character of a stereotype and is performed to show their audience.
The characters can be related to many people in life which is why the show is very important, as it can relate to people.
However, Family Guy has been criticized due to how the show approaches society through their characters.
Peter Griffin:
Peter is an overweight unintelligent alcoholic who goes from one disaster to another without realizing the consequences
He isn't a father figure at all and very much bullies his daughter as well as taking no interests in his children
However, he is the main character in the show and Family Guy would not be what it is today without him as a character.
Peter does many whacky antics and usually fails in them
He is portrayed as the stereotypical american dad in america, who is a bad husband and dad, yet no one can hate him as he is a loveable character
Lois Griffin:
Lois is seen as the average american women, attractive and intelligent
She isn't as whacky as peter but still has her moments such as shoplifting
However she is objectified by Seth Mcfarlane and is seen as the idealistic woman with many characters chasing after her such as Brian and Quagmire
Brian and Stewie Griffin

Brian and Stewie are the closest members in the family and they go on many journeys together.
Seth McFarlane has given these two the stereotypical close relationship of a child and pet

Brian Griffin is a left wing liberal who smokes cannabis and loves Lois. He always has a reason to complain and is an aspiring novelist

Stewie Griffin is a genius baby who attempts to destroy the world. Later on in the series, Stewie becomes more open to characters, especially Brian and ends up being his best friend. However Stewie's behaviour has spread rumours that he could be gay, in which McFarlane has never confirmed. Different episodes keep the audience guessing and it is a part of the plot. Many people have taken this offensive and have complained about the story as he is only a baby and shouldn't be subjected to a massive social situation.
Chris and Meg Griffin
Chris and Meg are further back than the other family members in appearance, yet they are important.

Meg Griffin is the punchbag of the family and an insecure teenage girl who wants popularity
She is the stereotypical teenage girl who wants to look attractive and popular
Many girls can relate to the problems meg goes through but family give her comedic side to it which symbolizes it as an unneeded worry.

Chris is the stereotypical teenage boy who plays video games, overweight and is lazy
Chris is like his dad Peter and is unintelligent which McFarlane has done to show that teenagers are unintelligent
The genre of Family Guy is animated comedy and has stayed in that genre since it started.
Seth Mcfarlane's idea of making Family Guy an animation is brilliant towards the storyline's and plots as he could not do this if the show wasn't animated. Such scenes like fights and cutaways could not be performed in real life. Due to the show being an animation, Seth Mcfarlane could create all kinds of episodes and since 1999. Animation allows the show to be very broad and can literally leave the characters to anything they want.
. An example of cinematography that carries on the storyline is 2:40 minutes in where the camera pans with Peter as he walks to a piano player. This camera pan keeps the story flowing and takes the situation to the next scene. Anther example is when Peter and his twin are watching tennis. Although we only see the bak of the tv, the camera shot shows us they are wathing it as it is a long shot of the living room.
Family Guy is aimed at ages of 15 years old and over as the show contains racial slurs, strong language, offensive humour and homophobic remarks. An example of this in the show is when Dr Hartman is questioned why Peter has a lump on his neck, he replies,' Mrs Griffin that lump is his head, I've been fooled by that one many times before.'
This is funny because it isn't harmful comedy which young people can laugh to. Dr Hartman doesn't take his job seriously which we the audience find funny due to how important his role is
The majority of fans are male as the show is based around a male perception of society as most of the characters are male and are more important to the show.
Many believe Family guy objectifies women by stereotyping them and making them 2ND important to the male characters. An example of women being stereotyped in this show is at (1:20 minutes) in where the cutaway is Peter buying food from the store. From this scene we see that Lois is being stereotyped as the average american woman whose only purpose is to buy food. She states, 'Ive got one thing in this lifetime, one thing'. She then proceeds on beating Peter up, yet we as an audience find it hilarious even though it is actually a women abusing her husband.
The pyschographics of Family guy are reformers as the show targets society and their views. It also mocks them as well as giving out their own opinion on politics and society.
An example of this would be in the episode where Peter and Lois are walking through the mall and Peter states at 1:45 minutes in, 'Even though we've just walked in and this whole place is one hallway, lets consult the map.'

Oppositional Reading:
Family Guy is targeted at a young audience and the joke made are relevant to modern day society. If the show was targeted at an older audience I do not believe it would be as popular as it is today. Older generations will not be able to keep in time with the fast changing storyline which is used to keep the audience entertained. Many people will be confused as to what the plot is and how the show is funny.
Women in general and different ethnicity may find the show also offensive as it displays many objectifying, homophobic and racist remarks which many viewers will find offensive. Family guy is very much on a fine line of bing a hateful show as the aim to entertain the viewers, however people may have to suffer from it. The franchise has been sued by different companies such as owners of songs that were copyrighted and turned offensive such as the song, 'I need a Jew' which is performed by Peter.
The show also has been criticized by newspapers, articles and TV shows who state the show is offensive.
This example, like many other scenes in Family Guy is intended to mock human behaviour and how people act in different places. Seth Mcfarlane has performed this well as there is no deeper meaning behind what he is trying to get across.
Family Guy is famous for doing many cutaways and Mcfarlane has always done this to criticize someone or something such as people at the mall. However, the way he performs this enlightens the audience as there is a comical behaviour behind it and much sarcasm used.
His aim essentially is to give the audience a different perception on the world and how it behaves. This perception he gives to people is a comical one which brings much more happiness to the audience.
Mode of Address
Family is a surrealist show as well as an animated one as many of the scenes performed in Family Guy wouldn't happen in real life. An example could be in this clip when Peter, his twin and a bear are all sat around a camp fire singing a song. In this scene, mise en scene is used to help out the joke as props are used such as the guitar and location. It is obvious from the props and scenery used that they are in the woods. The mise en scene helps the plot continue as the bear would only have been there if it was a woodland area
Generic Conventions
The generic conventions of this show are, unreal scenes, unusual narratives, characters, creatures, animations and sound effects. Throughout Family Guy and there opening scenes, we hear the theme tune every time before it goes into the story. There are also unusual narratives such as many cutaways and unreal scenes of fighting and impossible things happening. The creatures and characters we expect to see would be very mysterious and all have their own identity. Family Guy is the best example of this as each character has their own personality and attitude.
The theme of Family Guy's narrative is to entertain the viewer by using unusual language. By using unusual language, the audience can relate to it easier and understand more about the show. An example of unusual language in Family Guy is how they always go into cutaways. People in general use a cutaway when describing or explaining something, yet in Family Guy, it is used in nearly every scene.
The narratives in Family Guy appeal to people in general because the sense of humour that is used to mock others. The structure of the shows make us wonder about what will happen next in the episode which gives the viewer some thoughts on the episode which very few shows are able to do. The theme of entertaining the audience is well performed by Family Guy as the show always keeps us focused on the next scene
Personally, they appeal to me as the structure of the show is imaginative and unreal which means anything could happen which I prefer in TV show.

The gratifications we, as an audience get out of Family Guy is a comical view on society and funny view on the world as we see it. Family Guy's aim is to enlighten us and this is what we get out of it.
Family Guy- 'Vestigial Peter'
Overall, I believe Family Guy targets a young audience in a great way as the show uses both offensive and non offensive humour to catch the viewers attention. The show also is fast paced action comedy which changes story lines in the plot which a young audience can keep in touch with. The show is very influential as they use cinematography and mise en scene specifically to add to the plot and help make a scene funnier.
I believe Family Guy is influential to many young creators as Seth McFarlane has used techniques to make the show more popular. One of these techniques is perceiving society and finding a comical view on this as well as historical events.
MFarlane is also very dangerous and pushes the jokes to the edge to get many viewers and has been criticized for it. However this is what he is aiming for as the show mocks real life situation.

Family guy stereotypes men in a positive way as they are always in charge of the situation and the show is based around a male orientation in which men are superior to women. An example of this would be in the storyline when Peter disowns Chip without the other family members notice. This emphasizes that he is in charge of the family and decides what happens in the house which relates to America as the father is usually the man of the house and is in charge of the family.
However Peter is vulnerable to Lois throughout Family Guy and will do what she wants him to do which McFarlane has done to stereotype that husbands are vulnerable to their wives and an example of this would be when Lois tells Peter they have to go to the mall after church and he replies,'well you're gonna come with me cs last time it was a disaster'. This a good exampe of men being stereotyped as superior but vulnerable to women as even though she gives him an order, Peter is still in charge as he demands her to go with him.
Women in Family Guy are stereotyped as a difference between themselves and men. If we look at Lois, she is the average american wife who looks after her children and is supposed o be attractive. However if you compare her to Meg, she is the compete opposite. Meg is ugly and has no friends or popularity which McFarlane has done to show how broad women are valued in society and they are trying to find popularity for men who are seen as superior. Men are not seen the same in popularity as they all have groups of friends unlike women in this show which again is an example men being superior and women being inferior
The representations of this show appeal to me as they give an insight of the differences between women and men yet it is all done in a humorous way. I believe the show is aimed at a young male audience as they can learn from this about women and how men act around them. I can also find a comical side into how family's work with men and women from all ages and see eah characters perception on their life such as the two teenagers who many people can relate to such as I.
Family Guy appeals to its audience as the show is based around a comical view on society and its aim is to mock it which young people need to see. Young people vary in society as these are the years were they are learning who they really are and how they play a part in society. During this young people will come across life changing decisions and massive positives and negatives in society which is why it is a relief to watch Family Guy as it takes pressure off the problems young people have in society and effectively teaches the audience that their worries are not needed and a waste of time. Take Meg as an example, she is like many teenage girls, insecure and wanting popularity and attractiveness. Not al girls have this but they can relate to Meg's problems and even though she is the family punchbag, McFarlane is showing that Meg doesn't need to worry as she can't change whats happened and must carry on.
The show also appeals to their audience as it is a surreal show which is imaginative for younger people to follow. An example of the surrealism that appeals to younger people is Peter growing a brother out of his shoulder. This is bizarre and unreal but it is humorous that something so strange is happening to the family and I believe a younger generation can relate to unreal and bizarre things happening as young people are going through change, which will seem bizarre and unreal.
As popular as Family Guy is, the show does receive oppositional readings from various places such as feminists, religious communities critics and articles with disagree with Family Guy jokes. An example of this would a review from Pop Matters, a website that releases articles on certain subjects. This review targets Family Guy as the negative reason as to why animations have changed from lighthearted children tv shows to strong language and offensive cartons. This article like all other oppositional readings are made to criticize Family Guy for being ether racist, homophobic or mock tragedies that have happened in previous years. Religious groups will find this offensive such as the Jewish community when Family Guy made an episode about the Nazi Party an their invasion of Poland. Just like in this episode there are many discriminating remarks against Jewish people and other religions.
The genre of Family Guy is very important as to making the show what it is. Family Guy depends on the bizarre and fictional characters and storylines to keep it running as this is what McFarlane aims to do, bring surreal and imaginative ideas to the audience. I also believe the show relies on being animated to be popular as it is aimed at a young audience who will be more focused on cartoons than real life acting.
I also believe Family Guy is good at challenging conventions as the show is very much a parody on life and aims to mock how society works as well as mocking celebrities and reconstructions. I believe this is a good thing for McFarlane to do as it gives the show a wider fan base and more material for jokes and schemes.
I believe the show is giving a positive message to it's audience as Family Guy aims to show the comical side of life and gives the message to not take life seriously and look at the positives people come across. Even though Family Guy does have offensive and discriminating remarks, it is not meant to be taken seriously and instead mock how people genuinely think like that. The show is based around irony and sarcasm towards life and it teaches the audience a lesson which again is a positive.

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