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Lucca's Multiple Intelligences

You know those five star hotels everyone loves and would die for well, this is that but better.

Lucca Canham

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Lucca's Multiple Intelligences

My multiple intelligence is..................... Kinesthetic I am a kinesthetic learner because I love to take control and use my hands to participate and learn. If I have the chance to work with my hands or movement you would know that there would be a very big change in my marks. Physical movement helps me by letting myself connect to the information with the activity or the movement. Like in science if I over think it I wouldn't understand it, but if I play and build and use my hands I could and would understand much more effectively. When it is hands on I am able to interact with the information, that makes it easier for me to To sum it up I should do what I am good at to help me with my weaknesses, don't use my brain as much, use physical movement. Mathematical learners prefer working in a structured environment and follow instruction well. They like too challenge themselves and take part in more advanced classes and are very wise and smart. Lets not forget they enjoy doing puzzles and can find ways to solve it independently. They also work well with numbers rather then their hands like a kinesthetice learner would. Some jobs that would appeal to a mathematical/logical learner is an engineer, a scientist, an economist, and an accountant. Mathematical/logical learners excel differently then other learners and like to use their brains to learn and figure out problems. Kinesthetic learners kinesthetic learners excel by interacting and using movement with their body to learn. It is easier for them to learn through physical movement, control, and expression. Hands on activities are a big part and help them express them selves. Some jobs related to kinesthetic learners are a chef, actor, dancer,physical education teacher, athlete, or even a surgeon. Over all, It is much easier to learn by interacting with the information. Mathematical Learners My Multiple Intelligences You know those five star hotels that everyone loves, and any one would die for. Well this is..................... Better! I will transport you into the world of knowledge, and teach many valuable lessons about one certain topic MY MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE . By Lucca Canham I am a Kinesthetic learner Because..... I am NOT a mathematical/ogical learner. I may like to challenge myself but I would have to take extra steps and use a lot more effort into it in order to achieve my goal. I also don't always understand more advanced classes. When I use my brain over my body to learn I end up getting confused. But I will always work to my best ability and try to improve in this area. Let me try to put this in an equation ME+Hands+Physical movement- My logical brain= A+ I Am Not a Mathematical Learner Because... My mom is my role model. She uses her hands and physical movement in the culinary arts to help her understand math a lot more. Just from learning in a way that you understand makes a big difference in the way you learn. From part taking in something that she loves while learning in her weak area of hers, inspires me to do the same. I would improve on my weakness (mathematical/logical) by doing something I love. I share the same passion as my mom which is cooking. In cooking I could learn about math it could explain what words couldn't to me so I would understand better. Like when I was making a pie with my mom I learned how to measure and cut the pie into equivalent fractions. When I can connect to food I learn much easier. Just using my hands to build something to improve on my math would be an amazing accomplishment like my mom did. I know I can do it and I am ready for the challenge. So hand me some food and lets get cooking. MY ROLE MODEL My mom I want to be a chef when I grow up. I think it would be a great job for me, I would be able to excel in this job by transporting my multiple intelligence (kinestetic learning) into my work. This job would allow me to use what I am good at which is physical movement while I am working. I would also be able to work with others well when I am in a kitchen and I have a very loud voice to communicate to the rest of the team cooking with me. I am very creative with what I create and that would show
in my work in the kitchen. Like when I baked cup cakes and creatively made them appealing to the eye. A lot of strength would be necessary to have because you are carrying heavy bowls of food or from mixing together different types of foods, which I have gotten over the years of doing karate. But best of all this is a hobby of mine. I would wake up happy every morning proud of what I do. To be a chef it requires a lot. You have to be able to work in a busy area which means a lot of collaboration with your peers. There is also independent work when you on your own and has been given a task. Multitasking is a very important, for when many things are going on at once in a kitchen and you cant wast any time. A chef has to be very creative, and be able to project their voice to communicate to many others in the kitchen. Strength is involved for there is a lot of physical movement and using their hands to create and build. Being a kinestetic learner would be a high advantage. Now I am no super star I too have many things I would have to work on. Like I need to be able to multitask when I am in a busy kitchen and needed to get multiple orders out before the costumers leave. I would also have to get better at my independent skills which I can do but I tend to like to collaborate my ideas with others. The biggest thing would be working in busy spaces. There would be a lot of people working in the same space. Even in my own kitchen when my mom and I are cooking dinner I tend to take up a lot of space when I am just cutting up the vegetables. So I would need to stay organized and prepared for what ever comes my way. Skills needed to be a chef Skills I need to develop to be a chef Why I am should be a chef
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