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AlissaMarie Washington

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of hurt

Career shadowing day well as you may kno their are geeks differant
kinds i myself had a last min. choice that i am
greatful for career shadowing her name is
geeky she loves the name. her job basically is to design an new project
[like a robot] for he company so they can test it and the destroy!! but all her work is done on the thing we know most the computer! where will this company be in 15 years you ask. Well in 15 years this company will be a big hit
its so famous for its tecnology that the way we use
it will make a big differance and they will make more
the resession might break them now but later its gone
pay back. Hmm...what skills do i need for this job or do
anyone need? well i or anyone else need computer computer and
computer skills she a solo worker so people skills dont
need em the other skills it skills that dont nessisarily
come in handy. tecnology math and algebra! really a high school education and a collage degree MON3Y MON3Y MON3Y!!........(money) isent it a good salary to get paid almost 300,000 a year or am i jess poor? 1.Everything u can find in a computer is needed for
this job.
2.Computer skills is def. needed.
3.Im not the type to be in my home working on a
4.Computer all day i wuld not do this job.
the one thing i like best is......THE PAY!!
5. I dislike the fact that she stays in all day.

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