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Phi Sigma Rho Campaign Plan

Kaley Goodfellow

Kaley Goodfellow

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Phi Sigma Rho Campaign Plan

Phi Sigma Rho Campaign Target Public Goals Objectives Tactics Recommendations: By Kaley Goodfellow Female Engineering Student at UF WHY? Because the benefits the sorority has to offer affect this audience Because this public meets the requirements to join Engineering Only To help the sorority obtain the ability to accept those that are not necessary engineering majors into the sorority. To help the sorority become affiliated with a Greek council. To raise awareness within the Greek community about Phi Sigma Rho. By using PR tools! To increase the number of engineering students involved in Phi Rho To improve organization structure to meet Greek council requirements Send out 1,000 invites via e-mail Create Facebook and Twitter pages with 1,000 fan/follwers before the next rush event To help the sorority obtain the ability to accept those that are not necessary engineering majors into the sorority. To raise membership and awareness of Phi Sigma Rho by 40 percent in the next three years. This will be measured by surveys. Backgrounder Revise Web site Social Media Positions Paper Fact Sheet Currently used for members only
Target Members Interested engineering majors Purpose Members: to gather important info Login required Interest Site Include: Contact, FAQ, Resources, and more Persuasive Answer general questions Design Red wine Silver Orchid White space Add contact! & Updates Invites
Awareness Advertisments Affordable Distributed to Media Sent to OSFA Discuss issue of not being accepted to Greek Council Propose to change bylaws Ask What is Phi Sigma Rho? What is Phi Sigma Rho's purpose? Who can be a member? Where can I get more info? Distribute to college bulletin boards Hand out as posters Post to Web site Web site Press kit Situation Implications
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