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Different types of Rocks.

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on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Different types of Rocks.

Hello, I am Adithya and this is Pranav. We have built this presentation to help teach everyone the three types of rocks, and how they form.
Sedimentary Rock
Sedimentary rocks are made by the compaction of sediments. The sediments from different rocks are taken off by erosion and are carried away by weathering. Sometimes, remains off living things get caught in the sediments ass they stop and start to compact and cement.
Igneous Rock
This rock is formed when other rocks are melted into lava or magma. The rock is created when a volcano erupts, when there is a divergent boundry that creates a new techtonic plate, or when the magma cools down under the Earth.The two different types are classiied based on where they are created. Intrussive igneous rock is made inside the crust, from magma cooling slowly, and extrusive rock is created outside the crust, from quickly cooling lava.
Metamorphic Rock
Metamorphic rock is formed from other rocks that are put under a lot of
heat and pressure inside the crust.The rock then is changed int a metamorphic rock.
Different types of Rocks.
Rock Cycle
The cycle o rocks changing into thers is something that will continue to happen forever and will happen in any way and it also depositions every time. Here is a picture to help you understand
For watching our presentation.
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