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The KWL Reading Method

No description

Mayia Randolph

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of The KWL Reading Method

By: Mayia Randolph What is The KWL Method? Why use the KWL Method? What we (K)now What we (L)earned The KWL Reading
Method Objective The objective is to bring to light an alternative way for students to learn reading and writing strategies other
than what the educator is offering. Purpose The purpose for teaching students the KWL reading method is to help students understand the text in a simpler and more efficient way. The KWL method is set to be a studying exercise in class composed of three simple strategies that are developed on a worksheet of three columns. Specifically designed For the use in their studies. Those who use this method may find it helpful and easy to comprehend. Use the information that you know about your topic and incorporate it in the method . What we (W)ant to know Take any thoughts you have on your topic and reincorporate as questions. Compare what you learned to what you wanted to know and answer your following questions. This strategy can guide you in
reading and understanding the text. helping the student adapt to working alone, but it is best to discuss what was learned together as a group.The method itself is composed of three simple stages that reflect upon the Know,Want to/Will, and Learned. When Can this method be used? The KWL reading method can be used for all types of reading material, for example, discussing how Monarch Butterflies Recognize Northern Breeding Ranges. It can be used for students at a high school and/ or college grade level. Quiz Time In your opinion how common do you think it is for a child to be born without any type of nerve feeling?

For someone who feels no pain what was the side effect of Ashlyn sticking her hand in a boiling pot of hot water without thinking? Although little Ashlyn is painless is it
true that she can’t feel any sensation
of it at all? If not explain.

When young Ashlyn broke her ankle how long was it before her parents realized something was wrong?

Do you think it would have been wise
to leave little Ashlyn alone by herself
as she grew up? http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/03/120319111833.htm
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