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Red Ember Introduction

For small businesses considering updating their website or email marketing. Tips and considerations to improve conversions and click through rates.

Eric Salerno

on 6 October 2010

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Transcript of Red Ember Introduction

A Little Personal History Software Demos / Videos Search Engine Marketing Easy to read designs that match a corporate style Elegant reports that make it easy to track campaign performance Simplified interface makes content entry a snap Improving Email Marketing 1993-1997 Lehigh University Cargill Steel Datastream Systems Argos Systems Liquid Machines Babson College present 1997-2000 2000-2002 2002-2006 2006-2008 Dean arrived May 2007 Julia arrived July 2009 Google Analytics Integration Segmentation! Why pay for clicks? For starters, it works when executed properly and campaigns are maintained. Marketing campaigns are driven by content. Red Ember produces custom video using on-screen recordings, static images, music and voice overs. Customer Success: saved thousands of dollars by adjusting their approach to video development. Red Ember is now developing marketing and support videos for both the US and UK markets every month. Email Marketing Search Engine Marketing
Landing Page Design & Optimization
Software Demos & SEO Videos
Email Marketing
Marketing Strategy & Planning What does Red Ember Marketing do? Internet Marketing / PPC Options Multiple search engines & content networks Geotargeting and re-targeting Landing page testing and optimization Banner ads on local or industry specific sites Title: VP Marketing VP What is a good referral for Red Ember Marketing? Industry: Software, Technology, B2B Services Number of Employees: 5-200 Needs assistance with executing online campaigns - whether it's overall strategy, campaign management or specific multimedia content development. Services Red Ember provides that can help Campaign strategy, keyword research, ad copy writing, ad design Landing Page design, copy writing and incentive / offer development Analytics & regular reviews of campaign performance Inbound phone call tracking Customer Success: Red Ember Marketing completely revised a non-profit's PPC campaigns, providing monthly insight into campaign performance, optimizing keyword bidding, targeting campaigns geographically, creating custom landing pages, redesigning forms, and adding a second phone number. Married Katie in August of 2002 Lots of stuff, but let's try and narrow it down a little... After all... I only have
10 minutes up here. Search Engine Marketing combines a variety of services that are aimed at directing more traffic to a website:
Pay Per Click,
Search Engine Optimization,
Content Development, etc.
all of which relies heavily on analytics, monitoring and testing. Optimization is a term that gets thrown around a lot.
If someone isn't testing performance and measuring
results, there isn't any real optimization going on. Landing Page Optimization involves making changes to a specific page and measuring the results against previous performance.

Search Engine Optimization has come to be known as the general practice of a combination of tactics that can improve your ranking on search engine results pages. A/B Split Testing Domain Authentication Date Based Autoresponders Customer Preference
Recent research shows that consumers, and particularly B2B contacts prefer to receive their permission based, promotional and transactional messages via email. ROI
It’s almost impossible to beat email’s ROI. The DMA says that on average, every $1 spent on email marketing in 2009 returned more than $43 in sales. Why Email Marketing? Flexibility & Speed
Although there are design limitations to email when compared to web or print (and even that is debatable), the low cost and speed with which a wide variety of targeted messages can be sent is unparalleled. Pay Per Click Campaigns Google, Yahoo (combining with Bing), and Facebook The major search networks: PPC & SEO go together The metrics that determine your natural search rank can also affect your PPC campaign performance.

Utilize Page Titles, <h1> tags, anchor text and URL structures appropriately.
List your site on Google Places
Solicit online reviews
Obtain inbound links
Upload a variety of content (video, etc.)
Refresh content as frequently as possible Basic SEO Tactics Lead generation sites: Industry specific sites that run your ads to find more customers. Simple multi-field sign-up forms 30% reduction in cost per click
35% improvement in ad position
improved quality of converted visitors
Separate internet and offline phone tracking Measuring for performance and testing regularly helps ensure better returns on marketing investments. Red Ember helps guide clients to make sure subscribers don't feel like this: Relevancy. Results: Texthelp Systems (Offices in Woburn & Ireland)
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