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Gothic literature in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

No description

Genny Hughes

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Gothic literature in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Gothic literature in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Gothic Themes
There are many different Gothic themes and styles. For example Gothic novels, like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Gothic music, Gothic cultures and architecture. a Gothic theme is a theme which has dark and mysterious connotations.
How does Gothic Literature influence Dr J and Mr H?
A major theme of Gothic novels tends to be the existence of powerful secrets, such as Jekyll's connection to Hyde. In addition, nearly every Gothic novel takes place in a strange, mysterious location like the mysterious empty London in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Stevenson uses lots of Gothic language to create a dark and evil feel in the novel.
What effect Gothic literature has on the story
Gothic literature has a huge effect on Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. The Gothic feel make a London seem deserted and sinister. The murders also seem even more evil because much of the book happens at night time. It gives the whole book a mysterious atmosphere, in which dark secrets and things happen.
Gothic themes in London in the 19th century
Gothic literature combines dark elements of both horror and romance. Throughout the evolution of Goth subculture, classic romantic, Gothic and horror literature has played a significant role and romantic writers have become as emblematic of the subculture as has using dark eyeliner or dressing in black.
Examples of Gothic Literature in Dr J and Mr H
B y F aye, Genny, Mia and Rhianna
Gothic Literature
Gothic literature is a genre of a novel which includes mysteries, horror and evil.
Gothic novels are sometimes referred to as Gothic fiction or Gothic horror. Gothic literature also frequently include romance and extreme emotions. the main features of Gothic literature are terror physical and mental, mystery,supernatural themes such as: ghosts, haunted houses and werewolves and Gothic architecture for example: castles, darkness, death, madness, secrets, and hereditary curses.
Stevenson stresses the point of London being very dark and lonely, compared to the usual everyday London which is busy and light.
In Chapter 4 Stevenson incorporates fog into the setting which creates a sense of mystery and secrets as if things are hidden amongst the fog.
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