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How do I write an Introduction for my PIP ?

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A Aliferis

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of How do I write an Introduction for my PIP ?

PIP: Introduction
So, it's time to begin the Introduction for my PIP and I can't get started !
It may seem a daunting task... However, these seven steps will get you there...
Breathe ! Start early, reflect on your work and consult your teacher for feedback
First Paragraph
* What is your PIP about ?

* Why did you choose to investigate this topic area?
Second Paragraph
* What is your main hypothesis?

in other words: what are you trying to prove as a result of all your research?
Third Paragraph
* What methodologies have you used in this research and why?

* Justify your choice of research tools - what are their advantages and why are they the best ones for your research topic?
Your introduction should be 500 words long and :
* explain why you chose the topic
* present a hypothesis, *justify your methodologies *explain links to cross cultural components

* Explain how your PIP investigation will address the cross cultural component

* Explain how this cross-cultural perspective will allow you (the researcher), to empathise with the "other"

* Explain how this cross cultural study allows you to develop a view that is beyond your normal realm of experience.
Fourth Paragraph
* This paragraph concludes the introduction.

* Explain how this PIP "journey" will enhance both your investigative skills and your socio-cultural literacy
Fifth Paragraph
Steed, K. (n.d.). Guide to the Writing of the PIP. Retrieved
from http://scansw.com.au/sc_pages/sc_pip/sc_steed_writing.html
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