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Forms and Conventions

No description

Alisha Evans

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Forms and Conventions

In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge
forms and conventions
of real media products?

My front cover follows some
conventions. It has the Twitter,
Facebook, Instagram and website links on it;
it also has a picture where the eyes are the main
focus as well as a clear colour scheme. I have broken
a convention by having a guitar behind my masthead;
no magazines really have anything behind the masthead. I
have chosen to challenge this convention to make my
magazine more interesting and to give the denotation that it is a
music magazine. I have also chosen to use musical notes around the 'free download' signthis is again a sign that it is a
music magazine.

My contents page follows the conventions by
having clear columns and the double page spread
picture bigger than any of the others. It also follows
convention by having big page numbers so it is very clear which
page is what. I have also followed the convention of having a small
picture of the front cover on the contents page. I have followed the style of Kerrang! contents pages by putting a coloured background behind my ‘plus’ section. I have also followed the convention of having all the links to websites on the contents page and having banners at the top and the bottom of the page. I have again used the same two signs that I used on my front cover to show that it is a music magazine; the guitar surrounding the page number and the music note.

My double page spread follows
the conventions of a double page spread
by having a big title and columns of text. I have
chosen not to drag the picture across the 2 pages as
it wouldn’t fit in with the magazines I chose to research. I have kept my colour scheme and guitar page numbers and banners up over all 3 pages. I chose to have a guitar in my picture and for it to be set in a bar because the guitar obviously shows they are musical and the bar is a connotation of drinking and partying which my text is about. I have also followed convention by having pull quotes dotted around my page and picture to link it with the text. I havebroken convention by having a small picture
over the middle of the page again to link the two pages.
With my partner; Abbie-Rose Booth we created a magazine that follows a certain house style but challenges the mainly male-based rock music stereotype by both having single female models on the front covers of our magazines.
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