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Every Trip Is a Quest

No description

Taylor N

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of Every Trip Is a Quest

What is a Quest?
:A journey made in search of something
: A long and difficult effort to find or do something
(a) a quester
(b) a place to go
(c) a stated reason to go there
(d) challenges and trials while en route
(e) a real reason to go there
The Lion King
(b) Place to go:
(c) a stated reason to go there:
- Simba resores balance to pride rock and becomes king!
Taylor Shirahama , Andrea Carro
Every Trip Is a Quest
(Except When It's Not)

But.. What does a quest symbolize in terms of literature?
- The real reason for a quest never involves the stated reason. Instead, the real reason for a quest is always self-knowledge. Often times a questor is young...
young=inexperienced, immature, sheltered.
Think of the difference between an old and a younger man finding self-knowledge
Younger individuals have time to grow knowledge
Items b and c considered together:
Because someone usually tells the hero a place to go and what to search for when there
Note: the difference between item (c)and (e)
Because the real reason for the quest is found through the hero's self-knowledge/ fulfillment
Simba the true king of pride rock.
(a) a quester
Pride Rock
Nala tells Simba that Scar is abusing his mother and the other lionesses.
(d)challenges and trials en route
-Simba is scared whether or not his family and followers will discredit him due to his fathers death.
-Find a way to defeat Scar and restore balance back to pride rock
(e) a real reason to go there
Simba realizes that his father's morals and presence live through him and that it is his duty to restore balance to pride rock.
- For the purposes of carrying out his father's legacy and forgetting about the past
So... Remember the 5 aspects of a quest
and the purpose of the questers journey.

Note: The reason for a quest is always self-knowledge

Questions for Discussion:
Keeping in mind the 5 aspects of a quest, which component do you think is most important in assisting the "hero" in their development of self-knowledge/fulfillment?
Questions for Discussion:

Do you think Fosters ideas transcend into the novel "Their Eyes Were Watching God"? Why or why not?

If yes, explain further on that characters development of self-knowledge.
Questions for Discussion:
Do you agree that the purpose of a quest is always self-knowledge?

What does Foster mean by this ideal?
Questions for Discussion:
Do you think that every quest has to end in a success?

Why or why not?
Provide Examples
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