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Library Staff Training

June 2012

Sara Duplancic

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Library Staff Training

Helping you help others. Streamlining consistent accessible high-quality information and services to citizens The ServiceOttawa Department is responsible and accountable for managing the front end “customer experience” when residents initiate an information request, service request or transaction for all City services. Mandate Questions? New Department created in October 2011
Director: Donna Gray
DCM: Steve Kanellakos What is ServiceOttawa? Citizens will: Benefit from a number of operational improvements Communicate more easily with the City Have better access to City Services Receive better information How? Mobile Capabilities (both) New Technology for Residents (external) New Technology for City Staff (internal) What can ServiceOttawa do for residents? Residents can online:
Book and pay for last-minute ice time
Make a by-law or parking complaint
Request road maintenance
Register for classes and activities
Request a garbage and recycling collection calendar
View photo, floor plans and videos for rental facilities
Check the status of their service request
And many, many more service requests! How to create a
service request online. Start at ottawa.ca Why create Service Requests Online? Submitting a service request online is the fastest way to get
request to the proper departments.

Currently, if you send an e-mail to "311" (311@ottawa.ca)
it takes longer to process and is significantly more costly for
the City.

An SR created online goes immediately to the department and
costs the City about 34 cents. Have citizens been using ServiceOttawa? In the first 23 days of launching (Feb 1 - Feb 23, 2012):
Average of visitors per day on ottawa.ca: 40 000
Total SR's created: 14 247
Total SR's online: 1698
Channel Update to the web: 12%
Increase in number of SR's compared to same period in 2011
No increase in service request call volumes at 311 Top Service Requests? Order a Garbage and Recycling Collection Calendar: 8360
Pothole on the Road: 1567
Parking too Long: 1464
Graffiti - Public Property (Vandalism): 785
Private Property Maintenance (Exterior): 693
Road Maintenance: 660
Street Lighting: 654
Dogs: 597
As of October 12th, there have been 18196 of SR's done online. A happy customer... "I had significant flooding on my street and last night I submitted your online Service Request form. I am writing to say how pleased I am with City of Ottawa regarding this interaction, given: 1.) The City of Ottawa has an online service request system! That is wonderful!
2.)The service was carried out 3 days quicker than estimated online. It was carried out today!
3.) The quality job that was performed in relieving the flooding -was excellent. They even managed to relieve the flooding that extended to my own personal driveway. Thank you so much - this has made me very happy and you have provided excellent service, City of Ottawa. " Getting the word out! What's in place already:
Counter signs at: "Get Online - Not in Line!" 7 client service centers
Councillor's offices
Recreation and Culture Facilities
Library Branches
Community and Social Services Counters Message on the 311 'queue' message
"E-mail Us" feature downplayed signifcantly
Social Media, Advertisements and more! Library Pilot Project ServiceOttawa & Public Library Collaboration The purpose of this project is to pilot a satellite Client Service Center at the Ruth E. Dickinson library branch which will offer various CSC services.
The Cumberland library branch will also host a dedicated computer workstation with access to only Ottawa.ca, promoting self-service via the many services available on ServiceOttawa.ca
This undertaking was driven by a need to provide easier client access to services, develop services to outlaying areas, and promote efficient use of existing city facilities.
Library Pilot Project Services offered at Ruth E. Dickinson branch: There will be a ServiceOttawa client service representative on-site to carry out transactions such as:
purchasing OC Transpo products (bus tickets and passes),
parking request or payments,
water and tax bill payments,
request for new or renewal of pet and burn licenses and;
solid waste bin coupons, calendars and yellow bags.

Only Credit and Debit card payments will be accepted at this location. Pilot Duration: Monday, November 5th to end of March 2012
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