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Education --> Happiness

Philosophy of Education

Colleen Mannion

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Education --> Happiness

Every citizen
has the right
Teachers are mentors
Teaching Self-Monitoring
Teach the Whole Student
Teacher's Ethical Responsibility
Transformational Teaching
What Teachers Can Do
Education Happiness

to be educated.
(Rosebrough & Leveritt, 2011)
Academic Goals
as Practitioner
as Relator
The Learner
as Scholar
Spiritual Goals
Social Goals
(Rafferty, 2010)
Goal Setting
Strategy Instruction
The purpose of education is happiness.
Care about student
Create meaningful
Help find potential
Act as mentor
Children with less, need more.

(Aron & Loprest, 2012, p. 97)
(Rosebrough & Leveritt, 2011)
(Simonson, 2014)
(Perroncel, 2000)
Students must be responsible
for their own education.
Flipped Classroom
Students must identify their needs and wants - understand what makes them happy.
Developmentally Appropriate Programs
Early Screening and Assessments
Community Resources Connected
Staff Development
Parent Training and Support
Quality Health Care
Getting students ready to learn:
Philosophy of Education: From the Roots to the Tree
(Noddings, 2003)
(Leremy, 2014)
(Leremy, 2014)
(Leremy, 2014)
The Role of Teachers
The Role of Learners
The Purpose
of Education
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