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Big History Threshold Project

Units 2,3,4,5

Nick Martino

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of Big History Threshold Project

Big History
Threshold Project





Watch the 'Main Talk' and do the Vocabulary for your unit. Come up with a few research questions or key ideas that your project will focus on.

Sift through your ideas to decide which ones you want to really dig deeper into. Which will be best for the class and most engaging and entertaining to work on.

Once you have chosen your main points/questions go deeper into them. Answer them thoroughly, come up with a creative element and a plan of action! Remember you will plan the day's lesson and teach your concepts to the class.

Share your content with some form of visual/audio/media/3D creation that your audience be amazed by and interested in. This can be what catches the classes attention for your lesson.

After your lesson, write a reflection about which things went really well, what was difficult, what was easy, what you enjoyed doing, and what you didn't enjoy doing. This will help you when you work on the next project.
The Big Bang
Stars and New Chemical Elements
Earth and the Solar System
Using this Global Thinking Routine you will create something unique to teach your Threshold to the class.
For more information visit www.bighistoryproject.com
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