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Introduction to BI: What is Reporting?

No description

Kenneth Ma

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to BI: What is Reporting?

Reporting is what I do every single day
for Speed Fair
FAQ: Is the data accurate?
Sorry no, data would not be accurate to cent. It is not for the purpose of accurate account reporting ( by Finance department). But the data is accurate enough for sales and product teams to make prompt decisions.
Let's take a look at QlikView
PPT / Charts?
Pivot table?
It's boring! and I am sick and tired!
"I spent all day preparing a presentation!"
By Series
By Family
By Model
By Country
By Customer
By Region
Sort Top 10
Excl Japan
China Export
LED vs Non-LED
5 years comparison
There is a tool helping you to solve these issues...
Data is always up-to-date
No need to create all different by series, by countries scenarios to prepare for possible questions from your boss.
Make decisions 10 days in advance not 10 days late
B.I. (Business Intelligent)
What is Business Intelligent?
10 yrs old
Grandma Excel
By the way...
Is your data always outdated?
Is your decision always being made 10 days LATE?
I should ask "Who is Business Intelligent?"
You!!! Knows the business
You!!! Makes the decisions for the business
You!!! Are the only one that makes right judgement
You!!! Are the one creating a brighter future
for the company!
How can IT help?
We will give you a tool to do this...
and take care the complicated things happening behind the scene.
BI is Expensive!
Yes, BI tool usually cost millions of dollars.
IBM, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft have developed sophisticated BI platform for MNC across the globe.
Are we willing to spend that $$$?
Can we do this the "Speed Fair" way?
What is the cheapest
(if not free)
option available?
is not the best BI tool available;
does have some shortcomings;
cannot solve all our reporting and analysis needs;

BUT... it is relatively easy to use;
it has a configurable dashboard;
allow dynamic drill down;
and it is reasonably priced.
Data integrated from our overseas offices including: Canada, Germany, Spain and USA
Data sync to centralized reporting database in HK. Daily!
Multi-dimensional drill down to perform ad-hoc analysis
Analysis can always be done at your finger tips.
Report needs to be presented
in an interesting way to capture your audience
Powerpoint is boring, and it is yesterday's technology
This presentation is created by...
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