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The Americas [ Inca, Aztec(Mexica),& Mayan ]

By: Adriana Martin del Cmapo

adriana martin

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of The Americas [ Inca, Aztec(Mexica),& Mayan ]

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com The Inca The Americas Inca, Mayan, & Aztec (Mexica) Area:Capital city was Chanchan, it was
(Geoghrapy) later moved to Cuzco The Mayan Political:entralized leaders Economic: Trade and Agriculture. Religious: Worshiped Nature gods, Human sacrifice. Social: The social Pyramid
Priests Nobles & wealthy
Commoners and lower-level govern officers Slaves and servants Intellectual:
*The Mayan were able
to develop one of the most on going
calenders the world has ever had, which
ends Dec.21.2012.
* Area(Geography):
*They were settled in the southern tip of what is now Mexico.
*The peninsula shape had them surrounded by waters of the Gulf of Mexico & the Caribbean Sea on one side and mountainous barriers lining the North Pacific Ocean on the other.. Political: Military Rule Economic:Cultivation of potatoes, herding llamas and alpacas, traded with some lower valleys, coca leaves Religious: sun god called Inti, Creator god Viracocha,
sacrifices but not of humans, strong moral dimension of rewards and punishments
Social:Aristocrats enjoyed fine food, embroidered clothes, wore ear spools, Peasants worked the land and gave over a portion of their produce to the state Intellectual: Irrigation networks,
massive brick buildings, quipu used for record keeping, Extensive road, Quecha language Aztec: Political:military conquered Oaxaco
Religious: Rituals lead by Read omens, believed in human sacrifice to Huitzilopochtli(one of their gods)
Social:Warriors had wealth, and privileges, Most people were either cultivators or slaves
Intellectual:Developed chinampas
for agriculture,
(Geography):Capital city is Tenochtitlan,
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