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Geography Landform Regions : Interior Plains

No description

Naveen Shan

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Geography Landform Regions : Interior Plains

The Interior Plains have a couple of major economic activities, which are agriculture, and mining. Agriculture is divided into two sections. One is livestock and other is vegetable. Livestock grown in the Plains is cattle, pigs, and poultry. Vegetables grown in the Interior Plains are wheat, barley, oats, mustard, potatoes, sugar beets and corn.
Economic Activities
There are many different resources in the interior plains such as...
Natural Gasses
Natural Resources
The Interior Plains is located in
West-Central Canada
The interior plains is one of eight landform
regions in Canada, In this presentation we will be going through all the topics and questions.
Interior Plains
Animals in the Interior Plains:
Black bears, ducks, lynx, swans.
The Interior Plains have long cold winters and short hot summers. During the winter it
could get as cold as -30 degrees and up to 30 degrees in the summer.
The Interior Plains were first inhabited by aboriginal people. Most of the Aboriginals were living in the centeral When the Europeans came to Canada, the Aboriginals would trade with them. Which led to aboriginal to become apart of the european culture.

Human Settlements
Gr.9 Geography Project

First Nations and Europeans still live in The Interior Plains. Many people from different countries still move here.
The landscapes found in the interior plains are lowlands, plateaus, and foothills in the landscape.
Plateau Lowlands Foothills
A black bear
A lynx with her cub
There are plants such as wildflowers, mosses, marsh plants, small shrubs and many more plants found in the Interior Plains
Small Shrubs
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