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Trouble Don't Last Prezi


conner sanders

on 15 April 2011

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Transcript of Trouble Don't Last Prezi

Trouble Don't Last Setting The story first takes place on Master Hackler's plantation in Kentucky. Samuel, Harrison, and Lilly are all slaves working for Master Hackler. Samuel and Harrison plan to escape the plantation. Samuel and Harrison escaped
the plantation during the
night. They both ran to a
forest in front of the
plantation. Samuel and Harrison are awoken
by Master Hackler and his son,
Cassius as they ride around
on horses looking for them. The
two of them then runs away north
to the Jordon River. A mysterious man, whos name was
not told, helped Samuel and Harrison
cross the Jordon River to the other
side. Once on the other side, the River
Man told the runaways to head to a
house and hide in the celler and wait
for an old lady to help them. The house that the two slaves
ran away to was owned by
a widow, Lucy Taylor. Widow
Taylor then provided food
to them and then helped them
run away to a church. The Widow Taylor took Samuel
and Harrison to a church owned
by Reverend Pry who cares for
them until they can run again. Samuel - The main character who runs away

Harrison - A slave who runs away with Samuel.

Lilly - A slave who raised Samuel worked for
Master Hackler.

Master Hackler - The mean slave owner who hunts
down Samuel and Harrison.

Miz Catherine - The bitter wife of Master Hackler who
tortures and insults the slaves.
Belle & Augest - The folks who run "Negro Hollow" and care for Harriaon when he caught lung fever. Major Characters Minor Characters Samuel and Harrison decide and plan their escape
from Master Hackler's plantation. Rising Action Climax Samuel and Harrison cross the Jordon River (Ohio River) with the help of a mysterious man and his small boat. River Man - A mysterious man who helps Samuel and Harrison cross the Jordon River. Lucy Taylor - A widow who helps runaway slaves escape Reverend Pry & Mr. Keepheart - Church workers who keep Samuel and Harrison care for in the church. Miz Kettle & Ham - Folks who help
runaways by taking them safely to another
helper's home. Miz Kettle is married to Ham. Green Murdock - A peddler who keeps Samuel and Harrison in his house until they can run to another place. Harrison caught lung fever and takes them to "Negro Hollow" where people care for Harrison. Once they had escaped the plantation, Samuel and Harrison are hiding in a forest in front of the plantation and try to get to the Jordon River. When Master Hackler and his son, Cassius, ride into the forest and hunt down for their runaway slaves, Samuel and Harrison stay hidden in a tree. Samuel and Harrison hid in Lucy Taylor's home, and wait for her to take them else where. Fact: Samuel's mother was sold off when
he was a baby by Master Hackler to pay
for the funeral of his father, "Old Master
Hackler". Fact: Samuel and Harrison hid
in a corn field one day and ate the corn
when they were hungry. The Jordon River (Ohio River) is where Samuel and Harrison crossed to go to the north, but found out that slave owners can still capture their runaway slaves even in the north, so Samuel and Harrison keep moving north to "Canaday".
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