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Unit 27 Technical & Tactical Skills in Sport

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tom palmer

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of Unit 27 Technical & Tactical Skills in Sport

1. Understand the technical skills and tactics demanded by selected sports.

2. Be able to assess the technical and tactical ability of an elite sports performer.

3. Be able to assess your own technical and tactical ability.

Skills in sport are the movements and actions needed to perform shots, strokes, jumps, throws, etc Co-ordination is the skilful interaction of these movements. Balance is being able to maintain equilibrium.
Monday, March 6th, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
P1 - Explain the technical demands of three contrasting sports.
Technical Skills in Sport
Design your own Prezi
Pick three sports and identify a minimum of 5 technical priorities for each.

To achieve P1 DESCRIBE and EXPLAIN each of the skills identified, and then further state whether the technical skills are:

1. List the techniques that are involved in the sport or activity you have selected.

2. Explain one of the techniques and how a person would perform it breaking it down in steps.
Continuous, Serial, Discrete
5 Technical Priorities for three sports
Choose one of the sports:
Unit 27 Technical & Tactical Skills in Sport

I was born in Caerphilly, South Wales
I made my debut for Cardiff City
I'm a current Welsh International Footballer
I broke the bones in my lower leg in a challenge with Ryan Shawcross.
Technical skills known for?
I have represented England 91 times
I once trained alongside David Beckham to improve my technique
I am a left-footed player
As a powerful tackler, my career was plagued by shoulder injuries.
Techniques I'm particularly known for are...
I represent Spain and I'm a Real Madrid fan.
I'm an aggressive athlete.
I have a reputation for never giving up.
I have suffered with knee injuries recently that have hampered my otherwise extremely successful career
Technical skills I possess in particular are...
I have played 2 types of professional sport
I was once rejected at a try out because I was deemed to small to play my main sport.
I am widely regarded as the best player ever to have played my main sport.
I was known for being technically proficient in the following areas...
A physical movement has a beginning and an end. This is not always clear. Skills can be divided into categories depending on how clearly the beginning and the end of the movement are defined. The categories are:

Continuous skills
Discrete skills
Serial skills

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