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Waldo Works

Our presentation for Children's Safety Center in Springdale, AR.

Garrett King

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Waldo Works

The Big Day!
Fayetteville Town Center

At the Ozark Room
Dimensions: 66x120 7920 square feet Capacity: 460 People -Special guest speaker chosen by CSC
-Live music and entertainment
by Christmas Fuller Project
-Food donated by local vendors
-Served by UofA student volunteers How to Market Children's Safety Center First and Foremost:

CSC isn't a business.
It's a necessity. How do you market a necessity? You don't sell it. You inform. In 2006, 1 of every 58 children in America was abused. For that 2%, the idea is that after contacting the authorities,

Children's Safety Center is the next call you make.

CSC is
-a caretaker.
-a caregiver.
-a solution.
-a way out.
Community Contributors Possible New Contributors Where Rebuilding Begins SWOT Analysis Strengths:
-CSC is the foremost authority in NWA on child abuse.
-There is little competition.
-Local nonprofit status- well linked with community infrastructure.
-used by few, appreciated by countless. Weaknesses
-The less cases, the better.
-Nonprofit status means limited funds. Opportunities
-Doing good work provides good opportunities
-Built to enrich lives for all
-Moved by something other than profits
-Threat of market entry is low. Threats
-These cases are incredibly sensitive situations.
-There is always a chance for complications.
Donation Levels Partner
Donor Media plan media budgeting flighting schedule Creative Print ads That's 2% That's why our campaign focuses on rebuilding. positioning The CSC is an essential community service. Community members need to know more. Does not run on hope alone. It takes people who know just how much they are needed. nation-wide child abuse statistics local child abuse statistics CSC Alternatives Children's House CASA: Court Appointed Special Advocates main print ad event invitation(front) event invitation(back) Targeting -motivated people
-enjoy helping others -free time -parents -local companies A Rebuilding Project. Thank you for your time!
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