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Anna Orovio

on 22 June 2014

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Transcript of MERCURY

Mercury distance
How far is away from the Sun?
Mercury is 57'9 millions of km away from the Sun.

How far is away from Venus?

Mercury is 31'1 miles of millions.
Mercury orbit
Mercury takes about 116 days to move around it's orbit.
Mercury takes about 59 days to do the orbit.

How many moons it have, and rings?
Mercury does not have moon. And not have a rings.Mercury hasn't a rings because are smaller and we can't see, and hasn't moons because the planet are smaller and are very close to the sun.
Who discovered Mercury?
Cientifics send a satellite into space, this satellite make a photos another planets and this satellite discover mercury.
The acts of Mercury
A year in Mercury is just 88 days long:
One day on Mercury lasts the equivalent of 176 Earth days. Mercury is nearly tidally locked to the Sun and over time this has slowed the rotation of the planet.
The atmosphere of Mercury
Mercury has an atmosphere exosphere attached to the surface containing hydrogen, helium, oxygen, calcium.
The surface of Mercury
The 60% of the surface is made of craters.
Mercury seems to have undergone a period of intense meteorite bombardment large, about 4,000 million years ago.
How bigger it is?
Mercury is aproximately 4.900 Km.
Mercury is the smallest planet in the Solar System.
How many stars it have?
Mercury have 985.620 stars aorox. a little beat less than the earth we don't know.
The mercury it's smaller than moon, this planet is shining,during the day it's very hot 340 degrees at the night 180 degrees below zero.
The Volume of Mercury
The volume of Mercury occupes about 429.
Mercury is the 70% of metalic material.
The magnetic field
Mercury have a important magnetic field, is equal than the earth.The magnetic field is estable, has efect dynamoMercury's magnetic field is strong enough to deflect a magnetosphe.
:) :) :)
The surface of mercury 2
The surface of Mercury is 7.48 x 107 km. Again, that sounds like a large number, but only 14.7% of the surface of the Earth.
The atmosphere of Mercury 2
The helium and the hydrogen comes from the sun. The atmosphere of Mercury is the most thinner.
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