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Copy of Integrated Resort Development EOI - 8 April 2014

No description

on 5 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Integrated Resort Development EOI - 8 April 2014

Ready to start Q1 2015

Equity funded project

Existing approved
Integrated Resort Development

Environmentally sensitive development

A new International Airport

Fullshare International – strong and reliable

Queensland and Whitsunday regional benefits

Visionary 21st Century “Health and Lifestyle” Model
Direct and Indirect Financial, Economic and Community Benefits
Approach to delivering State’s Objectives
Proximity to a major population centre
The Laguna site is situated centrally in the Whitsunday region in close proximity to Mackay and the various Island tourism resorts that make up the Whitsundays destination area.

Major Airport
The Whitsunday Coast Airport sits midway between Bowen and Mackay – Fullshare is committed to financially supporting a joint venture for a new international airport.

Significant transport and public infrastructure
The Whitsunday region is well services by the State’s highway system and public infrastructure. The site has all required public service connections in place.

Significant tourism infrastructure with identified growth potential
The Whitsunday region is bursting with tourism infrastructure including high profile island resorts – Hayman, Hamilton, Linderman and Daydream. The area is a tourism hub that can be further promoted.
Revitalise an existing approved resort
Environmentally respectful development
Work in harmony with the site
Build on existing approvals
Iconic architecture with expansive high amenity public realm
A constant phase construction program sequenced over 15 years
Provide a great depth and breadth of product
An integrated resort for all, catering for all ages
Connect to the local region and benefit all
Community cohesion

The Design Team
Queensland Projects
Iconic Projects

Project Statistics
$ 2.4 Billion
2012 - 2018.
459 hectares.

In Nanjing city’s new city plan, Luhe district will become the auxiliary city of Nanjing City and will be named “Luhe New City.”

The Luhe City Council have identified a 5 year development target to build a new city with enhanced livability and vitality.

Iconic Projects
Laguna Whitsundays
Corporate Structure
Experience and Capability
Vision and Approach
Preliminary Project Analysis
Financial Capacity and Viability
Equity will be funded by Fullshare
International Group (Hong Kong) Co Ltd.
Fullshare International (Australia) Pty Ltd was founded on 5th August 2011 and is 100% owned by Fullshare International Group Ltd (HK).
The Directors of Fullshare International Group (HK) are Mr Bo Wang and Mr Yi Yu. Mr Yi Yu is the sole director of Fullshare Australia Pty Ltd.

Fullshare International Group Ltd (HK) is owned 19% by Nanjing Fullshare Industrial Holding Group Ltd (PRC) and 81% by Mr Changqun Ji.

Mr Ji is a significant shareholder of Wardley International Holdings Ltd (HKEX Stock Code 607) and China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group Ltd (HKEX stock code 658).
Fullshare International
(Australia) Pty Ltd is the
sole project proponent
and has not entered
into any consortium
arrangements with any
parties as at the date of
the EOI lodgement.
Fullshare Group is
one of China's top 500
private companies (number 79 in 2010) and has
30 years experience
in the delivery, construction and operation of Integrated Resort Developments.

With over 30 subsidiaries and 6000 employees,
Fullshare operates globally
in 10 countries and regions including Europe, America, Canada, Africa, Central Asia and Australia.

Fullshare Group is the owner and operator of 3 projects in Queensland.
Opened in 1988, Sheraton Mirage Resort was rated Australia's No.1 luxury resort for over 25 years.

The resorts regeneration program includes refurbishment of the existing 294 rooms and central facilities, upgrading the championship 18 hole golf course and country club, construction of new villas, 2 new 5 star international hotels, a leisure & lifestyle centre and new residential areas.
An existing world class resort
development providing deluxe
apartments, luxury villas, town
houses and penthouses with
direct access to the water and
uninterrupted views over the
Coral Sea and Whitsunday
The proposed Laguna Integrated
Resort is the ideal location and
site to develop an international
health and lifestyle destination.
Iconic Projects
Project Statistics
$ 4.14 Billion
2012 - 2021.
120 hectares.

Qinglan Bay is in Integrated Resort Development involving a Health & Wellness Centre, landmark hotels, a themed commercial district, a marine themed hotel, a yacht-themed hotel and marina, a resort, a retirement community, a residential community and business development.
Luhe New City Reconstruction Project Nanjing, China
Qinglan Bay Project
Hainan, China
Dashi Lake Project
Nanjing, China
Project Statistics
Phase 1 $ 100M
Phase 1 2004-2006
600 hectares.

Dashi Lake Eco-tourism Resort is an Integrated Eco-tourism Resort development containing resort hotels, business hotels, a conference centre, a retirement village, and a health club with high quality public realm and landscape beautification.

The resort is focused on delivering ecological tourism and scenic conferences, and leisure and recreation facilities.
Youth Olympics Sports Park
Nanjing, China
Project Statistics
$ 818 Million
2012 - 2014.
101.6 hectares.

Development of an Integrated and enhanced games village within the environs of an existing Olympic standard games village.

The project also includes developing the main building for the Youth Olympic Games, entertainment, leisure, fitness, multi-purpose sports and accommodation developments with a high standard of public realm treatments.
Sentosa Island
Desaru Beach Master Plan
Project Statistics
$ 2.5 Billion
: 2001 - 2002.
350 hectares.

Development of a strategy and master plan to convert Sentosa Island into a premier tourist destination for Singapore, whilst retaining the Island's role as a 'green lung' and recreational retreat.

Sentosa Island includes golf courses, hotels, theme parks, entertainment and retail attractions, two golf courses, marina and residential, casino and ancillary uses.
Project Statistics
$ 800 Million +
2010 - Ongoing.
1,000+ hectares.

Integrated tourism development for upgrading an existing beach resort area, with 3 theme parks, entertainment village, 2 golf courses, a range of 4-6 star hotels and residential development.

Mr Yi Yu - Project Director
Mr Yi Yu is a qualified Quantity Surveyor and Engineer and one of Fullshare's most experienced and respected executive managers.

Mr Yu has been instrumental in delivering some of China's most significant landmark projects.

Jiangsu Communications System
Nanjing Highway Construction Bureau
Committee for Nanjing Metro
Dashi Lake Eco-tourism Resort
Fullshare Jiangcun Resort
Fullshare Airport Industrial Park
Fullshare Science and Technology Park
The Design Team
Brian Toyota
Masterplanning, Precinct Planning & Urban Design
Brent O'Neill
Masterplanning, Precinct Planning & Urban Design
Ravi Karan
Masterplanning & Archictecture
Steve Child
Ari Pitkanen
Lauren Walsh
Landscape Architecture
Leigh Ratcliffe
Development Manager
Yuning Cheng
Architecture & Landscape Design
John Cotter
Project Manager
Shane McDowall
Infrastructure Advisor
Bernard Cleary
Masterplan Advisor
Donna Marshall
Community Manager
Phillip Hawes
Environmental Scientist & Approvals Strategist
Dan Raymond
Civil Engineer & Environmental Scientist
Scott Hutchinson
Construction Advisor
Damien McGreevy
Communication Manager
To create a new 21st Century global benchmark for health, well-being and lifestyle developments in an environmentally sensitive manner.

Fullshare seeks to partner with the Queensland Government to share its vision with the world.
Fullshare's proposal includes all elements sought by the State in a unique and well-planned Integrated Resort Development
Iconic architecture with expansive high amenity public realm -
7 themed hotels with 5 & 6 star ratings
Waterfront Casino showcasing the site
- 3 Golf Courses designed by 3 great Australian Champions David Graham, Greg Norman and Karrie Webb -
Health and Spa Retreat, Health and Well-being Centre, modern medical facilities
All year round safe swimming beach, pools, gym and broad range of recreation, natural area appreciation and peaceful spaces, mountain bike trail
- A range of private apartments in varying sizes and styles - Conference and Exhibition Centre -
Tourist attractions in the form of an enlarged marina, interactive marine theme park, major horticultural venture growing produce and herbal remedies, Australian Quarter Horse Racing future site and golf courses
Theatre complex
- Boutique retail and services, salons, health spas, bars and signature restaurants
There are no constraints to commencement of construction.

All development is proposed within the existing approvals envelope ensuring no intrusion in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park boundary.

All due diligence investigations have been undertaken.
The re-invigoration and enhancement of the Laguna resort will provide significant benefits to local community, local and state government, and tourism operators across the region.
Contribute $35 Billion over the life of the project
Local employment opportunities
Improved air access to the region
Improved access to the islands and pontoons
Enhanced recreational activities for tourism
Regional business hub opportunities
Agribusiness opportunities from a designated rural zone
Agricultural and equine facilities to support Quarter Horse Racing Industry
Regional tourism promotion
Re-invigoration of a former local icon
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