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The Worlds Best Pokemon TEPIG

To prove Snivy stinks

Ben Kwon

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of The Worlds Best Pokemon TEPIG

Tepig's Awesomeness You may find Tepig as a little tiny pokemon that is usless, but today, i am going to prove you wrong. Tepig's Beginning But as Tepig grows, so will his skills. The thing about it is that you battle strong opponents and Tepig's deadliest enemy... Tepig's Growth EVIL SNIVY!! Tepig's Worst Enemy of the Worst But Tepig is smart enough to win!! Tepig takes the Win Take that evil... THING! Tepig WINS!
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The more Tepig wins, the stronger he gets. Like when he involves into...PIGNITE!!!!! Tepig's Envolution And Pignite grows more and more. Also defeats his deadliest enemy more and more too. Pignite's Life Continues OWOWOWOW I think he's dead... The envolutions have gone from Tepig, and to Pignite. IS THAT THE END YOUASK? NO WAY! This is only the beginning because Pignite's skills go CRAZY! His next stage is... Pignite Goes Even Farther in Life EMBOAR!! Now he is a big But thats not the end. And it's not Snivy's end either. Emboar makes the biggest decision of his life. THE BIG FINISH or is it? Emboar has to make a decision. Should he go and destroy the evil king or live a happy life? Emboar's Grand Decision He goes and defeats the evil king. He has captured the legendary Zekrom and Reshiram and now goes for the Four ultimate opponents and the master of pokemon. Emboar Goes For the Crown Aren't you so cute! But now... Emboar goes to the castle and earns the respect of everyone. Now i was saying, isn't Emboar Awesome? He started off as a young little pokemon but now, look at him! On the other hand... Emboar Completes his Mission Remember to subscribe! THE END
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